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Aerial photographer Troy Morgan has been living a career dream that has fascinated him since he was a teenager.

“I’ve always loved flying,” said Morgan, the owner of Aerial photos. “I’ve always loved landscapes and over time I’ve been fortunate enough to combine that into a business.

With nearly a decade of experience behind him and owning his own aerial photography business, Morgan knows the weather always plays a huge role with every flight.

“Not only does this affect our decision to go / no, but also our ability to capture the photos our clients need,” Morgan said.

Once cleared for take off, it’s time to start the engines and the photographic adventure begins. Weather continues to have a crucial impact in flight – it can shorten the duration or make the ride quite bumpy with too much turbulence.

“Not only is it uncomfortable, but it always affects our ability to take stable photos throughout orbit, so we have to compensate and find ways to always deliver the best possible images to our clients,” Morgan explained. . “We want a nice sunny day whether it’s morning or afternoon, regardless of the orientation of the building and the appropriate sunlight, that’s when we want to fly. Cloud accumulation is a huge challenge because we really don’t want cloud shadows on the ground and the clouds need to be high enough that not only can we fly safely but also provide the imaging.

While the majority of his work involves photographing commercial properties, he occasionally has a unique opportunity to capture weather events, such as a damage trajectory from a tornado in Colorado to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

“Planning was very important, as well as speed to document everything before repairs could be made,” Morgan said.

But no matter where in the United States the work might take him, Morgan says his favorite part? The view as far as the eye can see from the cockpit!

“The special thing about the trip is that it’s something different every day! Morgan said.


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