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the University Libraries with The Center Every Student. Every story. have teamed up to honor and celebrate Black History Month. A co-sponsored Virtual Trivia Party the event is scheduled for Thursday 11 February at 8 p.m., with a virtual screening of the documentary film by “The last angel in history»Friday February 12 at 7 pm. The theme of these Black History Month events is Afro-Futurism.

“Most Black History Month events tend to focus on slavery or civil rights,” said Jody Lykes, Ph.D., African Diaspora Program Coordinator. “We’ve never been here before as a theme and can’t wait to explore black history from a different perspective.”

AfroFuturism explores the relationship of blacks with science fiction, technology and the future. As a theme, it explores the African diaspora in a world beyond tomorrow. This is one of the nine categories presented in the Virtual Trivia Party Event. It is also the theme of the screening of the documentary film of “The last angel in history. “

Jody Lykes, Ph.D., Coordinator, African Diaspora Program

“The music and artistry of the film provides a fun way to investigate and study black history,” said Lykes. “All interested are welcome to contact me and attend! These events are going to be welcoming and really fun. “

“This week has been very busy!” he added.

Lykes said the idea of ​​looking back and moving forward is important when considering black history.

“Where can we go from now on?” he said. “Let’s look back, make connections and get creative in how we make the change we want to see.”

Virtual Trivia Party – AfroFuturism

The awareness committee of university libraries organizes Trivia Night events for students each semester.

Portrait of library staff, Tati Mesfin
Tati Mesfin, President of the awareness committee for university libraries and educational librarian

For Black History Month, the Libraries Outreach Committee decided to team up with the Center. AfroFuturism is one of the nine categories presented at the Virtual Trivia Evening Event. All university students are welcome to participate.

A Zoom link will be shared with registered attendees once they contact Tati Mesfin or Jody Lykes Ph.D. to register.

Once registered, players can join Zoom in teams of up to five. Each player can register with the name of his team (if he already has one), or register without a team and be assigned to one.

“The Library Discovery Night is a great way to meet new people and learn something new, even if it’s virtually at the moment,” said Chair of the University Libraries Outreach Committee and co- event organizer, Tati Mesfin. “We are very happy to partner with Jody and the Center for these secure and virtual student outreach events!”

“The last angel in history”

Students interested in exploring the theme of Afro-Futurism are invited to participate in a documentary film screening on “The last angel in history»Friday February 12 at 7 pm. Libraries Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, in collaboration with the library awareness committee and the center, will organize this virtual screening.

“The Last Angel in History” is a 45-minute documentary made in 1996 by John Akomfrah. It was written and researched by Edward George of the Black Audio Film Collective. It deals with the concepts of Afrofuturism as a metaphor for the displacement of culture and dark roots.

The Chicago Reader describes the film as: “A meditation on black consciousness whose dense and almost chaotic weaving of images and ideas offers space travel and science fiction as metaphors for the African diaspora experience.

Words Have Power book display

Word Book Display Poster Have Power.  Words have power.  Join university libraries to celebrate black culture of the past, present and future.  University libraries.  Photo courtesy of
Words Have Power University Libraries Outreach Committee Black History Month Book Poster

The University Libraries Outreach Committee also organized an exhibit of Black History Month books. The display of the book is titled “Words Have Power”. The books on display celebrate the black culture of the past, present and future. The 2D physical display is located on the second floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center and is available for navigation during normal business hours. Library users with a valid University NetID can access the physical and digital resources shown in this book view. A list of eBooks is available online via NevadaBox.

Books included in this display include, but are not limited to: “Afrofuturism: The World of Dark Science Fiction and Fantasy Culture,” by Ytasha Womack; “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness,” Michelle Alexander; “Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories of Social Justice Movements”; “Black Madness: Mad Blackness”, Therí Alyce Pickens; “Race, gender, and Citizenship in the African diaspora: traveling Blackness”, by Manoucheka Celeste and many others.

Celebration of Black History Month 2021

Lykes said interest in Black History Month events was very high this year. He shared his enthusiasm for the evening of virtual quizzes and the screening of the film.

“This year feels different,” Lykes said. “We’ve always had support during Black History Month, but this year… we’ve never had a Black History Month like this. There has been such energy this month and what it means. After the summer of protest, many have worked to create communication networks and some are taking root.

“People really want to learn and grow. We all realize how serious it is to be black. It has been made public. This is, in my opinion, a positive result as a result of all the protests. “

About university libraries

University libraries embrace intellectual research and innovation, foster the production of new knowledge, and encourage excellence in learning, teaching and research. During each academic year, the Libraries welcome over 1.2 million visitors through its network of three secondary libraries: the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, DeLaMare Science and Technology Library, and Savitt Medical Library. Visitors retrieved over 80,000 articles and performed over 2 million database searches.

About the University Libraries Outreach Committee

The University Libraries Outreach Committee recommends, designs and delivers programs for university libraries, targeting university students. The committee’s goals are to engage students, coordinate efforts across all libraries, explain services and collections in a fun way, and promote the vision and mission of libraries.

About the University Libraries Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

As part of the mission of university libraries, this committee aims to promote and improve organizational culture, collaboration with campus partners and student services. To this end, we are committed to: Diversity: Advocate for the understanding and positive impact of diversity in library staff, collections, exhibitions, services and spaces. Equity: Meet people where they are and work towards equitable policies and practices of justice, equal access and equal opportunity for all. Inclusion: Helping to lead academic libraries to a place where differences are welcomed, different perspectives are heard with respect and where each individual is valued and feels a sense of belonging.

About the Every Student Center. Every story.

The center each student. Every story. (The Center), is a critical hub of gender-focused, LGBTQIA, cultural services, social justice programs and initiatives that support student success and increase student graduation rates at the University of Nevada, in Reno. The Center enables students to be innovative colleagues by creating a better integrated community at the University and beyond.


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