Travel photography isn’t dead: here’s why



The global pandemic has brought about significant changes in the way countless photographers and videographers work. With changing attitudes and changing restrictions, to what extent is it possible to continue working as a travel photographer?

Respected travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich has put his thoughts together and his approach seems to me to be a healthy mix of respect for others, of being careful enough when necessary, and yet not letting fear dominate his approach to photography. life. Photographers around the world will sympathize with his reluctance to photograph in cities where masks proliferate, so Kanashkevich’s shift to a more rural orientation makes sense, not only for the quality of the work he produces, but also to avoid the exposure.

Peru introduced strict closures early in the pandemic, closing borders and imposing curfews, and hospitals were again overwhelmed in January 2021, resulting in more restrictions. The country has felt the impact more intensely than other countries due to oxygen shortages, a lack of intensive care beds and a lagging vaccine rollout compared to other countries.

For more thoughts on travel photography and the pandemic, be sure to check out this excellent article from Paul Choy of Fstoppers.

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