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By Ted Grussing

… it’s duck hunting season and when I was a kid me and a few friends used to throw our shotguns and hunting gear in the trunk of our cars (not recommended today) the good hunting days when we went to school… was it raining? cold? the blast of the wind? maybe rain or sleet? Under good conditions like that, we would drop out of school and head to the bottom of the Minnesota River and go duck hunting. I think we had our priorities in the right order. There was always time to study, but not so many opportunities to hunt ducks.

The photo below is a photo I took in June a few years ago in the river valley where we were hunting. No real changes until then, except for a few other buildings across the river.

My father had the hunting rights on a farm there: we had the rights to the left bank of the main lake in the picture plus most of the farm and forest land beyond, including the lake above and beyond. left of the principal… it was our school on important things in life when it was not within the confines of a school that focused on subjects like math, history and the like. No cellphones, computers or the like… just the real world and real friends and real parents who ensured real consequences to pay after a midweek hunting trip. For us it was a fabulous world to grow up in.

Today would have been a great day to go swamp hunting, but it would have been with a camera now … it’s nice not having to clean up on hunting days and making sure all the shooting went been removed from the carcass before eating it… and I shoot the same bird multiple times, which I think we both enjoy.

Put November 10 on your calendar… I’ll be doing a presentation at Keep Sedona Beautiful. This will be the first live presentation they’ve had in about two years. The presentation will take place at the Sedona Hub. The title of the presentation is Why We Keep Sedona Beautiful. It will be a brand new show and everyone is welcome to attend. The presentation is free and even with the Covid seating arrangement there is room for 200 people. Check with Keep Sedona Beautiful for show details… it should be a fantastic time! I look forward to doing it and hope to see many of you there.

Have a nice day… here we are, so let’s live life and enjoy it today!

Smiles and blessings to you!


May I still remember the bright hours that found me walking the silent hills of my childhood, or dreaming by the quiet river.

Although the world does not know me, let my thoughts and actions be such as to keep me in friendship with myself.

May I not follow the clamors of the world, but walk calmly on my path.

Give me some friends who will love me for who I am; and continues to burn in front of my wandering footsteps the soft light of hope.

extracts from Prayer by Max Ehrmann



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