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Eat this

After a stint soaking up Sicilian cuisine and visiting flour mills, citrus groves and cheese makers at the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in South East Palermo, Ian Edwards, former Director of Relations public at Alexander Wang, opened Tenuta, an Italian food market in North Canaan, Connecticut, with his partner, Travis Powell. The shop is not organized by type of food but by family domain – tenuta in Italian – with Polaroids depicting manufacturers and their process, which Edwards sees as a way to “emotionally connect customers to producers”. Some of the unique products on offer: mostarda with red onions; Capers from La Nicchia, enriched by the volcanic soil of the island of Pantelleria; Stone-crushed, bronze-cut Filippo Drago busiate pasta, whose rough texture “creates the perfect surface for sauces,” says Edwards.

Last year, Hedi Slimane, Celine’s Creative Director, introduced the Celine Artist Jewelry Program, a series of collaborations with the domains of some of her favorite 20th century artists. The first installment was a compressed vermeil necklace in the style of the French sculptor Caesar; for the second, which starts this month, Slimane chose pioneering American artist Louise Nevelson, known for her monumental works of mostly found objects often painted black, as well as her personal style that incorporated homemade jewelry. (which Slimane assimilates to “miniature sculptures”). Each necklace, a limited edition of 50, is made of oak wood and sterling silver or vermeil and features a pendant in the elegantly abstract sculptural manner of Nevelson, housed in a black box engraved with the signature of the artist. Starting at $ 4,500,

read it

For the past 25 years – since photographing a nude Kristen McMenamy with the word “Versace” scrawled across her chest and locked in a lipstick heart in 1996 – Juergen Teller has been one of the fashion designers the most provocative, the most influential and the most requested. and famous photographers. But his images also often resonate beyond their commercial origins, and so a monograph of his work in a book is as welcome as it is long overdue. “Donkey Man and Other Stories” is a collection of his voluminous magazine commissions; portraits of family members, wildlife and landscapes; and brief reminiscences of both by and of Teller. Iconic photos by Kurt Cobain, Charlotte Rampling, Kate Moss, et al. Stand alongside almost human-looking frogs (a recurring motif) and invariably phallic still lifes. Whatever the subject, jarring juxtapositions are the rule: snails and peaches; nude models prancing at the Louvre; a callipygienne Kim Kardashian in stockings and heels climbing a sandbox. $ 150,

drink this

Rafael Shin, the founder of premium mezcal Agua Mágica, is determined to save tequila’s smoker cousin from his own popularity. Now that mezcal has featured prominently in many common cocktails, demand for inexpensive products has increased, leading to a race to the bottom as producers seek to fill the void. Shin, a South Korean by birth but raised in Mexico, went the other way completely, working only with mezcaleros in the Oaxaca town of San Juan del Río, whose soil, altitude and abundance of fresh river water have long given it a certain mystique among mezcal makers. “Our company’s mission is to redirect the growth of mezcal and preserve local communities,” he says. The result, Agua Mágica, offers sweet, earthy notes of subtle smoke, banana and almond, and is meant to be enjoyed neat or over ice. Of $ 70,

Jeweler Jessica McCormack’s devotion to diamonds extends to the way they are housed. For her bespoke Luxury Heirloom Boxes, the designer, whose exquisite creations were worn by Zoë Kravitz and Dakota Johnson, reinvents antique jewelry cases with hand-inlaid marquetry and custom interiors in silk-embroidered velvet. And after a recent sold-out experimental collaboration with the Haas Brothers – the artist duo renowned for their sculptures of surreal creatures – that “pushed my creative limits”, McCormack has teamed up with them once again on three fantastic new boxes. in an epic juxtaposition of luxury and kook: an 18th century satin wood ring box resting on a twisted mass of bronze tentacles; a Georgian mahogany double watch box with drawers edged with embroidered cephalopods and a tentacle-shaped tie pin encrusted with cabochons; and a full-size Victorian coromandel wood jewelry box with a secret drawer, the stitching of which represents a sort of psychedelic orgy.

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