The sun rises for enthusiasts and their love of drones

SINGAPORE – Almost every other day there will be a real buzz in the air as the morning sun peeks over the horizon in the Marina Bay area.

Professional aerial photographer and videographer Nick Lin will be there before dawn, sometimes with other enthusiasts, trying to capture the fleeting sunrise with his trusty DJI Mavic 3 Cine drone.

“I love taking sunrise photos because then the light is the most magical and everything captured on the drone is pretty,” said the 39-year-old, who travels to Marina Bay from her home in Outram around three o’clock. four times a week just for that.

Mr. Lin, who owns five drones, is part of a growing community of drone enthusiasts in Singapore.

He also returns to the Marina Bay area or places like Marina South Pier around 8 p.m. three to four times a week to take aerial photos of the nighttime skyline.

“I carry my drones every day in case I feel like flying them at other times of the day,” said Lin, who started flying drones in 2019 due to his keen interest in photography since childhood.

“I’ve tried underwater photography before, but I’ve always wanted to try aerial photography, and I’m glad I did because it gave me different perspectives for my photos,” he said. declared.

Mr. Lin bought his first drone, the DJI Mavic Mini, in 2019, and his most expensive – another DJI drone that cost $14,000 – just a few months ago.

So far, he’s spent around $31,000 on his drones, which comes in handy for his work with hotels, wedding planners, shipping lines and government agencies to take aerial photos and videos of events. .

At the end of 2020, he is training in commercial drone piloting because he wants to become a professional aerial photographer and videographer.

It has different drones for specific uses. For example, one is good for videos or indoor photos because it’s small and quiet. Another, larger drone produces images good enough to use in movies.

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