The newest in the muse class of Silversea Cruises ships

As international health recommendations change often, strict sailing guidelines and protocols are updated on Silversea cruises. health and security page.

For most of us, it’s probably been a while since we’ve been over thrilled about a new travel experience. Now the new 596 passengers Silver moon promises to get you there, with this latest entry from Silversea Cruises having set sail earlier this year.

In addition, in mid-November, Silversea took delivery of the Argent Dawn, its tenth luxury ship. This third ship in the Muse-class series built in Fincantieri The Ancona shipyard in Italy will be launched later this coming year.

Even during these reduced pandemic times and since this 2021 snapshot, Silversea has continued to plan and roll out new projects for the Silver moon. Several years ago, Silversea invited famous photographer Steve McCurry to collaborate with the cruise line to jointly produce his book In search of elsewhere: unpublished images (covered in a previous article) and more recently in its documentation on the shipbuilding process. It’s no surprise then that McCurry’s photos feature prominently among Silver moonartwork by (as part of Silversea’s extensive art program.)

Frequent travelers will easily recognize a stunning photo of a rock temple like the Jordanian site of Petra, while one might guess that a scene of children’s hoops rolling past majestic baobab trees was taken in Madagascar. With beautifully rich crimson tones, a photo of a woman taken from the back likely represents a Buddhist temple. But where? The lack of description and location labels only adds to the mystery.

In a new documentary that guests may want to watch before setting off on a cruise, McCurry: The Pursuit of Color, director Denis Delestrac follows the photographer for several years on his travels to Silversea in his relentless quest to photograph the world. The film, which premiered last month at DOC NYC film festival, traces McCurry’s fifty-year career to his first flash of fame in 1979 by photographing the Mujahedin in Afghanistan through spooky footage of Kuwait during the Gulf War until September 11. The film follows McCurry through intimate moments such as the filming of a child playing soccer in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and also doesn’t back down from the challenges and costs, physical and personal, of his life. itinerant.

Silversea Cruises has a long history of offering many other resources to enhance your trip from the moment you book. So, before the cruise, take some time at home for Silversea’s literary anthology series. Fairy tale with works by big names in travel such as Paul Theroux who writes on Madagascar and Pico Iyer on French Polynesia. And look for Silversea’s recommendations on exploration books, while their card program prepared in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society will keep you engaged for hours. You can even get a head start on cruises Lecture series, which do not consist so much of full lectures as of informal discussions given by experts in all kinds of fields.

On board, a journey in itself can be a true non-stop cultural experience. If you are looking for kids and waterslides, look elsewhere. In the earlier launch Silver muse ship, the Arts Café has proven to be immensely popular. It has been slightly redesigned on the Silver Moon to be even more relaxing as a den. Patrons enjoy a wide selection of art books to browse, perhaps most comfortably in a high-back swivel chair with natural light streaming in from the cafe’s rear deck 8 position.

You could spend your entire cruise curled up with the Taschen delivered Diego Rivera, The Complete Murals, a $ 900 tome so thick you need a crew member to help you carry it if you bring it back to your private lanai. Or, hopefully, the rich surreal color boards from the only slightly less heavy Taschen publication Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works won’t keep your mind shaken, especially if you encounter rough seas.

Currently, most of the ten Silversea ships are operational, while an occasional last minute change in shore excursions is not surprising these days. On a Silver moon trip earlier this month from Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal, scheduled shore excursions from Cozumel Island off the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico to the ruins of Chichen Itza on the mainland have been canceled by operators premises due to the latest sanitary restrictions. True, local tour operators practice staggered bus seats and strict masking, politely reminding all scofflaws to join.

Belize has recently become popular for its cays and beautiful sea sinkholes, while its Mayan ruins are perhaps less well known. The Altun Ha Ruin Complex is as beautiful as any other in the Mayan world and only an hour’s drive from Belize City Marina.

On the Honduran island of Roatán, also popular now for its active tourism, a trip to the north coast took guests to the village of Punta Gorda, home to the Afro-indigenous Garifuna people known for their musical traditions. A troop performed a dance on a pier, while an elder demonstrated the making of cassava cakes. Silversea’s guests who ate a fish stew followed by grilled yellowtail snapper may have wondered if the gentleman fishing in a canoe just offshore caught them.

Given its Caribbean coast, the Costa Rican city of Puerto Limón is home, like Belize, to another English-speaking population in a predominantly Spanish kingdom. Tours there included an aerial tram tour of the rainforest and a walkway visit to the suspension bridges.

And finally, the thrill of the Panama Canal meant getting up in the dark to make your way to the Deck 11 Observation Lounge for coffee and pastries and wait for the canal to enter the city of Colón. Those dozens of container ships anchored in the Caribbean Sea most likely contained all of the world’s Christmas items. As passengers arrived, some made their way to the normally off-limits deck 12 for the ultimate view of Gatun Locks transit and for the start of the day’s journey through Gatun Lake to at the Miraflores locks, Pacific side.

On occasion, a ship’s speaker would tell via an intercom the stories behind this astonishing feat of engineering a century ago, not to mention the equally staggering cost in human lives. Once in the waters of the Pacific, anyone who has not been to Panama City for some time will be amazed at the skyline of skyscrapers towering past Miami Miami.

Regarding the Argent Dawn ship soon to sea, a holistic wellness program called Otium will be unveiled, which is sure to set another Silversea standard. Described as “the pinnacle of relaxed indulgence,” Otium is based on Roman concepts and practices of sybaritic living in food and wine, music, poetry, and art. It’s not about sweating calories, in other words.

Silversea ordered newly designed custom mattresses as part of the experience, which includes treats such as a bubbly bath with dim lighting or your butler delivering a cashmere blanket to your veranda with drinkable bubbles or hot chocolate and popcorn with truffles. And caviar, there is always caviar.

As each new Silversea Cruises ship arrives, new developments follow. Last I heard, the cruise line announced that its first hybrid ship, the Silver Nova, will be launched in 2023. Construction of the vessel is underway in northern Germany Meyer werft luxury shipyards.

Which means there is no rest in this New Year for the creative teams at Silversea.

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