The indescribable truth of Ken Burns


Ken Burns is the proud father of four daughters. During an interview in 2017 for Paternal, his two oldest children were in their thirties, his second youngest at 12 and the youngest at seven. “I do two things very well,” he explained, “I am a very good filmmaker and I am a very good father.” Even though Ken lives in New Hampshire and his daughters in Brooklyn, he explained their close bond. According to the filmmaker, “it’s a rare day that I don’t talk to at least three, if not four, of my daughters every day.”

He often works with his daughter Sarah Burns and her husband. For example, she wrote the non-fiction book “The Central Park Five: The Untold Story Behind One of New York City’s Most Infamous Crimes” and directed “The Central Park Five” – ​​the documentary based on the book – alongside his father, according to The New Yorker. Burns’ second oldest child, Lilly Burns, also followed in the entertainment industry. She worked behind the scenes as a producer of the Comedy Central series “Broad City”.

Burns has already created a charming comparison between his children and his films. Like all his documentaries and all his daughter, Ken does not choose one over the others. “I would like to say that I love them so much”, he said Weber Studies.


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