The Essential List: Noah Conopask

Director Noah Conopask harnesses the power of visual storytelling to transcend human experience and connect cinematic stories with audiences around the world. He currently lives in Los Angeles, passing through Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago and New York.

Way of life

o Place of birth: Annapolis, Maryland.

oh Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

oh Staycation: Surf Malibu / dirt bikes in the Mojave.

oh Vacation: Snowy mountains or beach elsewhere.

oh Pets: Atlas, Falcon, Icarus and Little Man.

oh Workplace: Wherever this nomadic job takes me.

oh Training location: Nature or Gold’s Gym Venice for the incredible human observation and atmosphere.

oh Side project: My feature film DAWN and my artistic project SAGA.

oh Mode of transport: brat Triumph. Toyota FJ. 78′ Scout II. KTM 690R. Feet.

oh Essential bonus trip: audio books and guitar.


oh Artist: Dore

oh Musician: Nine Inch Nails.

oh Director of commercials / music videos: Rupert Sanders / Jonathan Glazer.

oh Director: Denis Villeneuve.

oh Photographer: Richard Misrach / Bill Henson / Saul Leiter.

oh Movie: Extraterrestrial.

oh Series: Battlestar Galactica.

oh Advertisement: Halo ODST – Life.

oh Music Video: Unkle ‘Rabbit in Your Headlights’.

oh Video game: Destiny 2 if I’m feeling energetic. Cyberpunk 2077 if I want to relax. Both have great stories.

oh Board game: Code names.

oh Book: Neuromancer.

oh Graphic novel: GRAY.

oh Podcast: Drifter’s Sympathy and Desert Oracle.

oh Journal (offline or online): These days it has to be a mix of sources.

oh Review: Heavy Metal.

oh Essential bonus culture: I’m addicted to weird dark internet dark internet channels on YouTube.

Food and drink

oh Breakfast: Iced black coffee and homemade green smoothie with raw eggs.

oh Restaurant: Hide Sushi in Little Tokyo.

oh Cheap bite: The Great Western Steak & Hoagie Co. On Lincoln.

oh Working lunch: Grilled chicken and vegetables with various hot sauces.

oh Favorite dish: Lindsay’s fresh tomato mozzarella Israeli couscous.

oh Signature dish: Slow-cooked pork shoulder.

oh Snack: frozen mango.

oh Guilty Pleasure: East Side Cheesecake’s – made with excessive amounts of sugar and butter and devilish flavors.

oh Bar: Raise it.

oh Alcohol: Dulls the senses.

oh No alcohol: Large amounts of carbonated water and more black iced coffee.

oh Bonus food: Homemade udon with my pork shoulder.

oh Bonus drink: Ginger beer. So much ginger beer. All ginger beer. Long live ginger beer.


oh Phone: iPhone, whatever it is.

oh Computer: Mac Mini M4 and MacBook Air.

oh TV: LG OLED 60″ 4K with sound bar.

oh Headphones: Bose QC35.

oh Camera: Red Komodo, Sony A7rIV and my iPhone.

oh Soundsystem: DIY and very effective for my vinyls.

oh Pen/Pencil: Sharpie black fine and ultra fine point markers.

oh Where you document an idea: Apple Notes. Black book.

oh Casual Wear: Black Athleisure only.

oh Smart clothing: do motorcycle gear and suits matter?

oh Shoes: Black and tactical.

oh Watch: Apple Watch.

oh App: YouTube.

oh Website: Pinterest.

oh Favorite social media feeds: PhilosophicalOutlaws, Stab, Archillect and Infinityworlds magazine.

oh Work program: Final Draft and Logic Pro X.

oh Digital work tool: Goodnotes.

oh Analog work tool: large black foam core, index cards and post-its.

oh The essential for morning cleansing/makeup: Detangling brush.

oh Essential bonus kit: Thrasher Magazine Hats.

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