The best eco-responsible photos of 2021

The changes humans make to the environment continue to be an underlying theme in many of the photography competitions we feature here on Popular photography. But this is the major theme of the 14th edition Environmental Photographer of the Year Award– whose winners have just been announced on the occasion of the COP26 climate change conference.

About the competition

The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition “celebrates humanity’s ability to survive and innovate and presents stimulating images that draw attention to our impact and inspire us to live sustainably”.

Title: “Microplastics sent to the stomach, 2021.”
Sebnem Coskun

It’s always interesting to see thematic contests like this. Environmental photography is not exactly a traditional genre of photography. Rather, it is up to the photographers to approach the subject as they see fit. Many of the winning shots lie at the intersection of documentary work and landscape, while others use more structured compositions.

Title: "Addicted Puppy, 2020."
Title: “Addicted puppy, 2020”. Celia Kujala

There are seven categories with the winners chosen by the jury, they include:

  • The award for environmental photographer of the year.
  • The award for young environmental photographer of the year.
  • The Resilient Award, which is given to “a single image that incorporates a compelling narrative that educates, spreads hope and inspires action”.
  • The Future Environments Award, which rewards an image that shows “the resilience of people and environments in the face of adversity and meeting the challenges of environmental destruction, energy security and the conservation of our natural resources” .
  • The Sustainable Cities Award, which rewards images that showcase built environments and “the links between nature, society and infrastructure”.
  • The Climate Action Award, which is awarded to an image that “demonstrates the human connection to the natural world and our actions to preserve it”.
  • The Water and Security Prize, which is awarded to an image that “explores our ever increasing demand for water and the role of equality in all aspects of water management, from the scarcity of water. water to floods ”.

And there is also a People’s choice price you can vote on now. The winning photo will be chosen on December 1st.

Environmental photographer of the year

Title: "The Sons of the Rising Tide, 2019."
Title: “The Sons of the Rising Tide, 2019.” Antonio Aragon Gives Up

Antonio Aragón Renuncio, a Spanish photographer, won the first prize of £ 10,000 ($ 13,425) and the title of “Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021” for his photo of a sleeping child inside a house destroyed by coastal erosion on a beach in Ghana.

Young Environmental Photographer of the Year

Title: "Hell, 2021."
Title: “Inferno, 2021.” Amaan Ali

Amaan Ali won the title of “Young Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021” and a Nikon Z camera for his photo of a boy fighting forest fires in New Delhi, India.

I don’t say this lightly, but I think this is one of the few situations where the Youth Prize winner could have won the all-around.

The price of resilience

Title: "Survive to live, 2021."
Title: “Survive to live, 2021.” Ashraful Islam

Ashraful Islam won the “Resilience Award” for this photo of a flock of sheep foraging for grass to eat on parched, cracked ground in Bangladesh.

Environments of the future

Title: "Ariel view of the Panaro River flooding near Modena, Italy."
Title: “Ariel’s View of the Panaro River Floods near Modena, Italy, 2020.” Michèle Lapini

Michele Lapini won the “Future Environments Award” for this aerial photo of a flooded house in Modena, Italy.

Sustainable cities

Title: “A photobioreactor at Algalif’s facilities in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland, in 2020.” Simone Tramonte

Simone Tramonte won the “Sustainable Cities Award” for this shot of a photobioreactor that produces long lasting astaxanthin products in Iceland. (Yeah, I had to google it too, but it’s a hell of a shot.)

Check out the rest of the photos

Title: "The Coal Warehouse, 2020."
Title: “The Coal Warehouse, 2020.” Ales Tvrdy

You can view the 40 other finalists on the environment Photographer website of the year. You can also vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award.

It is not yet clear how to enter next year’s competition. But if it looks like this year, it will launch in March with a close for entries in late July. Oh, and entry will be free, which is a big deal considering the quality of the costs.

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