The 10 Best Young Indiana Jones Movies To Hold You Back For Indy 5

The delay of Indiana Jones 5 to 2023 has fans writhing in pain. The Indiana Jones franchise has long suffered from a deplorable lack of content. However, there is one element of the franchise that fans can turn to hold them back.

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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired in the early 90s and was re-released as a 22-feature series in 1999. It follows Indy through his childhood and teenage years as he meets famous historical figures (played by a plethora of recognizable star guests) in a wide variety of adventures. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it will at least keep Indiana Jones fans entertained until the movie comes out.


Travel with his father

Young Indiana Jones and his father in Travels With Father

While The Corey Carrier, featuring 8-9 Indy stories, may lack the action of Sean Patrick Flannery’s, they proved to be just as charming. However, if there’s one that stood out to the public, it’s Travel with his father (which highlights Indy’s relationship with his father).

Lloyd Owen, who is set to appear in Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series, awfully mimics Sean Connery’s portrayal of Henry Senior. The film begins with Indy running away after being scolded by his father in Russia, then the two spend some quality time together in a charming segment based in Greece.

demons of deception

Young Indiana Jones gets his orders in Demons of Deception

After escaping from a POW prison to the trenches of hell, Indy returns to the trenches, where he works as a courier in Verdun. Verdun was one of the bloodiest battles in history, with historians debating casualties and casualties on either side.

Although he braved an incredibly dangerous mission behind enemy lines, Indy’s discoveries are ignored by the French generals and the bloodshed continues. Indy then gets a well-deserved break (but another lesson in harsh realities when he falls in love with the seductive but deceitful Mata Hari).

Trenches of Hell

Young Indiana Jones chases a train with a bicycle through the trenches of hell

Indy comes face to face with the horrors of war in his first episode as a World War I soldier. He faced not only the German army but also internal conflicts within his own unit during the trench warfare of the Somme.

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Later in the film, Indy is captured and makes several escape attempts before being transferred to a maximum-security POW stronghold in Germany. He teams up with Charles De Gaulle for one last ditch attempt, leading to a breathtaking bike chase, where he cuts in front of a high-speed train.

Desert Daredevil

Young Indiana Jones fights Daniel Craig in Daredevils of the Desert

This secret mission in the deserts of Palestine has a very “Indiana Jones” air to it. Indy must dodge troopers, counter-agents and double agents as he protects the Beersheba pits for Australian mounted infantry crossing the desert.

There are a lot of great adventure moments and a terrific cast. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Maya, an iconic spy and belly dancer. Even better, Daniel Craig is terrific as the German officer who battles Indy in the epic climax.

masks of evil

Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula fights in Masks Of Evil

If there’s one Indiana Jones adventure that can be called a horror movie, it’s this one. First, he works in the fascinating world of Turkish espionage, where he suffers a heartbreaking tragedy.

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Then the horror elements are stepped up for a mission in Transylvania, where he encounters none other than Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula). Jurassic Park Muldoon actor Bob Peck is unrecognizable as a creepy vampire.

Ghost Train of Fate

Young Indiana Jones runs on top of the train in The Phantom Train of Doom

All the thrills and fun of an Indiana Jones movie. A series of misadventures sends Indy to the heart of Africa, where he teams up with a group of former veterans (led by Raiders of the Lost Ark actor Belloq Paul Freeman).

First, he helps them track down the mysterious Phantom Train of Doom, causing torment for the men at the front. Then he is roped into a mission to kidnap a German colonel, but ends up in an air balloon over Africa with said colonel. It is certainly reminiscent of the films that many love.

Attack of the Hawkmen

Young Indiana Jones meets the Red Baron in Attack of the Hawkmen

One of the last Young Indy adventures to be produced taps into George Lucas’ love of aviation. The filmmaker is famous for putting together WWII aviation films to inspire special effects artists working on Star Wars (and later producing the film Fly Boys).

Indy finds his way into the French secret service and, inadvertently, into a dangerous assignment as an aerial photographer, followed by a top-secret spy mission in Germany. He crosses paths with the Red Baron and C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels also shows up.

Peacock’s Eye Treasure

Indiana Jones jumps off a boat in Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

As the curtain falls on World War I, a dying man’s last words send Indy on a quest to find Alexander the Great’s Peacock’s Eye Diamond. The journey takes him through Egypt, India, and the South Pacific as he battles treasure hunters and pirates.

This scavenger hunt movie is one of the closest in feel to an Indiana Jones movie, so much so that it was included in the 1999 home video release of the trilogy. The Peacock’s Eye is the same diamond Indy trades in the opening scene of cursed temple.

Mystery of the Blues

Indiana Jones plays soprano saxophone for Gray Cloud

During a break in filming The fugitive, Harrison Ford returned as Indiana Jones for the only time outside of the main films. Although it only gets a few minutes of screentime during the film’s bookends, it’s certainly a treat for an Indiana Jones fan.

The central part of the film takes place in 1920 Chicago, where Indy learns to play the Blues from Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong. He then teamed up with Ernest Hemmingway and future Untouchables Chief Elliot Ness to solve a murder committed by Al Capone.

Curse of the Jackal

Indiana Jones finds the jackal in Curse of the Jackal

The two-part debut episode of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles set the bar for everything that followed. Unfortunately Curse of the Jackal was not included in the subsequent home video series (instead it is split into parts of 2 separate films). However, fans have since restored it as a full adventure.

As Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it featured Indy chasing an artifact at two different points in his life. First, eight-year-old Indy travels to Egypt on his first archaeological expedition, where he crosses paths with a mummy. An ornamental jackal’s head is lifted from the grave, which 16-year-old Indy eventually recaptures fighting alongside revolutionary figure, Pancho Villa.

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