Texas-based Route Three Productions continues to expand to meet market demands

Route Three Productions in Corpus Christi, Texas shows commercial photographers how to make money in a new commercial era.

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Texas-based Route Three Productions continues to expand even as some say photography is increasingly devalued in today’s modern marketplace.

Let me just say that we are finding new ways to help customers make their voices heard in a crowded world,”

— Matt Pierce, Chief Photographer and Creative Director

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, USA, Nov. 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The photography community continues to fear that the value of photo and video content creation is increasingly devalued in today’s photo-driven market. the contents. However, Route Three Productions doesn’t see it that way – in fact, they continue to grow and thrive. In a world where photos and videos are ubiquitous, Route Three Productions has chosen to step up its game by expanding into areas of communication beyond traditional photography, including communications.

“Let me just say that we are finding new ways to help customers make their voices heard in a very crowded world,” says Matt Pierce, Chief Photographer and Creative Director at Route Three Productions. “We saw a need and we are trying to fill it by listening to what our customers tell us.”

Matt mentions recent projects such as patient education videos for hospitals, training videos and materials for private companies and the federal government, making short documentaries for organizations, and pre-planning content. video and photography using market insights that allow their clients to be a step ahead in the eyes of their customers and audiences.

“We like to think we’re making people’s lives better,” says Pierce. “Hospitals and healthcare providers need easily accessible, ready-to-use libraries of patient education videos. These videos should be made by physicians and healthcare providers who know the subject of Our job is to create content around that and support them with photos, blog posts, video content – ​​whatever they need to get their point across.”

Matt said it doesn’t stop at health care.

“Route Three Productions delivers branded video content in places like gas pumps, store shelves, waiting rooms, end caps and even restrooms,” says Pierce. “The pace of change in retail is dramatic, with many more sales going online. At Route Three Productions, we’re helping retailers see exceptionally strong revenue growth and drive a higher percentage of sales from digital channels. in more places than online alone. The digital mandate is here and businesses don’t have time to sit and wait.”

Route Three Productions is even expanding into the travel and hospitality industry as the travel and tourism industry seeks to rebuild itself and the digital market seems to be where the consumer war is won.

“From video-enhanced welcome panels to AI-driven in-room information, we’re empowering consumers with actionable information and enabling vendors to build momentum that delights customers and lowers costs,” Pierce said. “We help our clients explore multiple paths forward and build a digital strategy for the post-pandemic world we’ve all had to adapt to.”

Matt says the creative market is increasingly saturated with service providers and that comes with a stark warning.

“Let’s face it, businesses need compelling content that engages consumers,” Pierce said. “What they don’t need is to find themselves in a world like SEO service providers where there are so many so-called ‘experts’ that it’s confusing who can actually do the job. work and get results and who can’t No one trusts SEO companies more because they make the same promises to you over and over and get little to no results Photo and video content producers can’t afford the market to become something like this – our customers deserve better than this.

But if we’re talking about making a living in photography, then where does Route Three Productions find its customers? Pierce says Route Three Productions attracts customers from across the United States and around the world as they seek affordable solutions to their video content needs.

“We get clients from here in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon, New York — everywhere, really,” Pierce says. “We find that customers come to us through our website and find us quite a bit on social media, even though we don’t dump a ton of financial marketing there.”

He says marketing for a photographer is very local and even hyperlocal. Matt stresses what he considers to be a very important point: Route Three Productions does not advertise its services in a local market.

“If you google commercial photographers in Corpus Christi, or something like that, I think we come 5-6 down the list,” he said. “But again, in that local market, I’d be competing with people trying to work with other locals, right? We’re not usually in that market, so it didn’t have makes a lot of sense to me throwing a lot of money out the door to fight in an arena that I will probably never get back from.We would much rather save the money and pass those savings on to the customer.

Making a living in photography is undoubtedly getting more and more complicated, but once again, Route Three Productions proves that it can be done by continuing to innovate and improve processes and technology.

“We’re not just sitting around doing things the traditional way,” Pierce said. “We are focused on creating fantastic photography and video while harnessing the power of AI, digital technology and consumer experiences.”

As for the future, what does it look like for Route Three Productions? We asked Mat.

“I have to ask my wife,” he said. “It’s his company and his leadership that really drives all these new and creative things that we do. I just work here. But I would really like us to try to build a bridge with open-wheel racing and that we might be bringing our ideas and philosophy to their sport without those hyper inflated costs. I love open wheel racing and I could definitely see us doing something there, if they are open to it. Now , I give my cards.

But seriously it doesn’t stop there.

“We’re very innovative and idea driven around photo and video,” he said. “Let’s collaborate on ideas.”

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