Taiwanese films advance in India with thrilling exhibition

Taiwanese films are about to be officially released on India’s over-the-top (OTT) platform, sharing Taiwanese cultural customs with Indian audiences in the post-epidemic era. For the first time, the Ministry of Culture leveraged an OTT platform to stream high-quality Taiwanese films in India, encouraging Indian audiences to experience Taiwan through films and increasing their interest in Taiwan.

Deputy Minister Lee Ching-Hwi of the Ministry of Culture mentioned in her speech that when she was serving at the National Palace Museum, she organized an “India Month” exhibition with the India-Taipei Association. to showcase the museum’s collections of cultural relics from India. We also invited India Performance Team to Taiwan through the India-Taipei Association to make Taiwanese people better understand this country full of mystery and culture through mutual cooperation.

Lee said that hopefully this cooperation between Taiwan and India can help local people learn about Taiwan through films produced by the huge Indian film and television industrial energy. “The films incorporate our cultural background, music and images which are the best media to see every impression of Taiwan.” This is the first time that the Ministry of Culture has used India’s local OTT to conduct a marketing campaign for our films. We hope to release Taiwanese movies and even all of Taiwanese culture through the platform’s easy accessibility feature.

Deputy representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India, Mu-Min Chen says via video: “I am stationed in India, so I can see in depth the penetration rate of watching movies online. It is estimated that there are over 80,000,000 OTT using population. Thanks to the application of lawmaker Kuan Bi-ling in the first place, the Ministry of Culture is promoting Taiwanese films in the Indian region this time. We look forward to seeing more Taiwanese films produced in India.

Indian internet celebrity Taindian DJ also joins the video press conference. He visited Taiwan in 2014 before. He discovers that neither Taiwan nor India know each other well about culture and history. He therefore created a chain to produce films in order to share the beauty of these two countries. He is happy to encourage Indians never to lose this golden opportunity to enjoy Taiwanese movies.

Indian internet celebrity Aakash Malhotra visited Taiwan in 2019. He was invited to spend the night at the president’s office at that time. He says via overseas call that he is deeply impressed with Taiwan. A fond lover of Taiwan, he is so honored to have the opportunity to promote Taiwanese films in India.

From March 1 to May 31 this year (2022), on the Indian OTT platform MXPlayer, free access to films, including “Beyond Beauty-Taiwan from Above” overlooking the land of Taiwan with aerial photography; “My Missing Valentine”, a romantic fantasy with laughter and tears; “Long Time No Sea”, a film about Aboriginal culture and island culture; “Love Talk”, a film about the pursuit of love across the country; and “The Silent Forest”, an adaptation of an actual societal incident. Sharing and cooperation between Taiwan and India will increase understanding and connection between Taiwan and India.

Five well-known films will be shown this time. Winner of five Golden Horse Awards, “My Missing Valentine” used the logic of time travel to compose a magical love story whose lover will disappear on Valentine’s Day. “Love Talk”, adapted from the short story by legendary Japanese writer Kanoko Okamoto, is a love story shot across Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. For this film, director Kuo Chen-Ti received the “Best Director Award” and “Best Concept Award” at the 2021 Roshani International Film Festival in India. “Long Time No Sea”, which took 6 years to produce, introduces the land and people of Lanyu Island, and tells a simple yet moving story of Taiwan’s indigenous people. “The Silent Forest” is inspired by a real school scandal in Taiwan to explore in depth the multiple situations of helplessness in life. At the 2021 Indian International Film Festival, for this film, director Ko Chen-Nien won the “Best Director Silver Peacock Award” and Troy Liu won the “Best Director”. Silver Peacock Award for Best Actor”. “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above,” which won the 2013 Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary, was directed by late aerial photographer Chi Po-Lin. After 400 hours of flight, through the camera of the helicopter, the film overlooks the beauty and nature of Taiwan’s landscapes and shows the changes in landscapes due to the selfish destruction of people, which evokes reflections on the motherland and the nature conservation.

Regarding academic exchanges with India and promoting Chinese language learning, the Indian Studies Center of National Tsing Hua University has also joined us using the resources of Taiwan Education Center in India to help promote cooperative academic institutions in India. and to bring Taiwanese films to Indian higher education institutions.

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