Spectacular aerial photos and Drone Photo Awards 2021 winners


“Pink-footed geese meet winter” by Terje Kolaas. Overall winner.
“Thousands of Pink-footed Geese roost in central Norway in the spring en route to the breeding grounds of Svalbard in the Arctic. Likely due to climate change, they arrive earlier each year and often the ground and fields where they feed are covered with snow upon arrival. Geese tend to take the same paths, so by waiting for them in the air with a drone, photos like this are possible.

Produced by the Siena Price, on 2021 Drone photos prices celebrating the best in international drone photography. This year, a photo capturing thousands of geese roosting in the Arctic Circle was named the winner. Photographer Terje Kolaas patiently waited along their flight path and was able to admire this incredible scene with his drone. For his efforts, he will win € 500,000 (approximately $ 585,000) in photo equipment in addition to other prizes.

This year, tens of thousands of images were submitted by photographers from 102 countries. In addition to the first prize, nine category winners were also announced. The categories represent a wide range of topics, from sport and Wildlife To People and Wedding. Australian photographer Phil De Glanville won the Sport category with his incredible image of surfer Ollie Henry. As Henry rides a huge wave, a rainbow arises to make the moment even more magical.

Italian wedding photographer Matteo Original also seized the opportunity with his winning photograph Verso the Infinito Insieme a Te. The title, which translates to “Into Infinity With You,” refers to the breathtaking clouds that Original spotted on the horizon. By putting the couple on a long walk stretching towards the clouds, he was able to create a beautiful visual metaphor for their love.

All winning photographs will be featured in the Above us only the sky exhibition in Siena, Italy. The exhibition will run from October 23 to December 5, 2021 as part of the Siena Awards Festival.

Discover more winning images from the Drone Photo Awards 2021.

Aerial photo of the bride and groom on the beach

“Verso l’Infinito Insieme a Te” by Matteo Originale. First place, marriage.
“Marina di Pisa, a late summer evening at sunset… I spotted these clouds on the horizon and I decided to place the couple towards their infinite full of love.

Surfing the waves in Australia under a rainbow

“Gold at the end of the rainbow” by Phil De Glanville. First place, Sport.
“I found gold at the end of this rainbow as surfer Ollie Henry escapes a monstrous wave off the coast of southwestern Western Australia.”

500-year-old monastery in Moscow region

“Metaphorical statement on the city and winter” by Sergei Poletaev. First place, Urban.
“A 500-year-old monastery in the Moscow region and a large power station in the background. Steam from cooling towers is particularly dense due to severe frost. “

Aerial image of man fishing in mangrove forest

“Fishing in the mangrove forest” from Trung Pham Huy. First up, folks.
A fisherman starts his day of fishing in the mangrove forest of Tam Giang lagoon in Hue province. Mangroves lose all their leaves and turn white during the winter season.

Abstract photos of minerals from above

“Abstract nature” by Manuel Enrique González Carmona. Finalist, Series.
“Minerals, water and water currents are the ingredients with which nature creates these abstract and ephemeral landscapes. This canvas is in fact a pool of toxic waste from a copper mine, located in the province of Huelva. These ephemeral formations will disappear with the next torrential rains and new inflows of waste. After a first human intervention, I never cease to marvel at the way in which nature molds and paints with different minerals and colors to create these abstractions worthy of the best abstract painters.

Aerial photo of green turtle heading for water after laying eggs

“Back to adventure” by Qasim Al Farsi. First place, Fauna.
“Green turtle returning to the water after laying eggs in its peaceful nest on the coast of Oman between Ras Al Jinz and the Rashad turtle reserve.”

Herd of zebras in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve in Namibia

“Fairy circles” by George Steinmetz. Congratulations, Fauna.
“Herd of zebras in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve in Namibia. The herbs here have a rare speckled pattern known as “fairy circles,” a phenomenon that is poorly understood. Herbs seem to grow higher on the inner edge of the circles due to less competition for water inside the ring.

Aerial photo of Kingdom Center in Saudi Arabia

“The Center of the Kingdom” by George Steinmetz. Finalist, Urban.
“At a height of 300 meters, the Kingdom Center was the tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia when it was completed in 2002 and is considered only the second to be built in the country, but it is now 5th on the list. “

Women drawing water from the dried up river bed

“Collecting water from dried up river beds” by Sujon Adhikary. Highly recommended, folks.
“About 263 million people around the world have access to water sources considered safe, but must spend at least 30 minutes walking or waiting in line to collect their water. And the task of providing water to households falls disproportionately on women and girls, especially in rural areas. “

Bear sleeping on rocks

“Sleeping Beauty” by Martin Gregus. Felicity, Fauna.
“Working closely with the bears and getting them used to our behavior meant that on Day 5, we were well on our way to documenting some truly unique behavior. At this point, we got to know in detail the personalities of 27 different bears, and in return, they welcomed us into their lives and let us film around the clock. Using drones, remote cameras and equipment tailor-made to capture the most intimate images. “

Canyon in Utah

Laura Bennett’s “Entering Another World”. Bliss, Nature.
“In a remote and rugged canyon in Utah, the sunset lit up the canyon walls to give a surreal impression. It reminded me of film productions from other worlds.

Drone photo of the bride and groom in the garden

Wujiang Zhu’s “Infinite Sea of ​​Love”. Finalist, Marriage.
“A unique location for traditional photos of a newly married couple, in the middle of a beautifully manicured garden during the flowering season.”

Aerial photo of the river filled with mining waste

“The poisoned river” by Gheorghe Popa. First place, abstract.
“This is a detailed photograph of one of the small rivers filled with poison. “Poisoned Beauty” is a personal project that tells the story of the natural disaster in the “Apuseni Mountains”, but in a beautifully abstract way. This abstract colorful pattern is created by nature, combined with chemical waste resulting from the process of mining copper and gold.

Couple posing in swimsuits on ice mounds in Russia

“Beach season” by Alexandr Vlassyuk. Runner-up, folks.
“I took this photo in February 2021 on ice mounds at the Kapchagai Reservoir in the Almaty region. The air temperature that day was -10 degrees Celsius; for our region and season we could say hot, and therefore, without waiting for summer, we have decided to open the beach season! ”

Abstract aerial photo of shipping containers

“Caleidoscopio” by Paolo Crocetta. Finalist, Abstract.
“This photo was inspired by the colorful designs of the Navajo people. The bright colors of the containers and the diagonals created by the play of light and shadow give life to an interesting pattern.

Oregon town covered in fire retardants

“Blanketed in Fire Retardant” by Adrees Latif. First place, series.
“In 2020, Oregon was hardest hit by nearly 100 major wildfires that raged across the western United States, one of the most destructive on record by the state. On the morning of September 8, flames from a man-made fire broke out in the nearby town of Ashland. Driven by winds of over 40 mph, the Almeda fire quickly spread to retirement communities, trailer parks, malls and businesses. In a few hours, half of Talent had fallen to ashes. Experts are calling the blaze an urban conflagration, which burned dry grasslands, riparian areas with dense fuel loads, and urban areas with densely populated residences. In apocalyptic scenes, the town of Talent was covered in a red flame retardant dropped by aerial firefighting efforts in hopes of saving the town. Three deaths have been reported, 3,000 residents have been displaced and nearly 3,000 structures in a nine-mile area have been destroyed. “

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