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SMPTE Hollywood will offer a revealing insight into the state of the art and technology of drones at its virtual meeting in October. A panel of experts in the use of drones in film and television production will discuss the latest advancements and future innovations in airborne camera systems.

In just a few short years, drones have become practically ubiquitous in film and television production, providing a relatively safe, simple, and inexpensive way to capture spectacular aerial footage. SMPTE Hollywood welcomes a panel of technologists, cinematographers and drone pilots to discuss the rise, applications and implications of this exciting tool. The discussion will cover the current state of drone technology and expected future developments, as well as drone ethics and the role of drones in society at large. The round table will be followed by a screening of The lonely drone, a short film by the director Vanessa Elliot.

Free and open to everyone, the virtual event will take place on Thursday, October 7 at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Zoom. You can go to register here.

The description of the panelists can be read below.

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Elena Buenrostro, founder and CEO, Women who drones, is a Part 107 certified video producer, photographer and drone pilot and instructor. Buenrostro, whose passion for drones was inspired by a trip to the Great Wall of China, was featured in the Washington Post, Fast Company and on DJI for its innovative aerial photography and cinematography. She graduated in Media Studies and Theater from the University of California, San Diego.

Daniel De La Rosa is vice president of post-production for Sony Pictures Entertainmentthe technology development team of (SPE). Its current role encompasses technology and innovation strategy focused on film production, including advancements in virtual production, cloud-based next-generation production tools and workflows, post-production technologies. , HDR color pipelines, AI and machine learning, virtual reality, and other immersive storytelling. technologies. Prior to SPE, De La Rosa worked briefly at Universal Studios in a similar capacity and to Walt disney studios. He received the Daytime Emmy from the Television Academy and the Lumière Award from the Advanced Imaging Society.

Travis Geske is a seasoned photojournalist, director, drone pilot and co-founder of Courageous media. Trained as a videographer for the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times, he has shot and completed hundreds of projects for television and world-famous brands. Whether at the controls of a fully equipped Alexa Mini or a DJI Inspire 2, Geske has been taking drone photos safely and quickly for years. His many credits include the cult classic The drone where he built, operated and acted as the drone for the full movie.

Gabriel Johnson is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Communications and Airpeak Drones for Sony Electronics. He managed marketing for a variety of other communication technologies and camera systems during his over 12 years at Sony. A graduate, cum laude, from Pepperdine University, he also has experience in the retail and advertising industries.

Kenji sugahara is a lawyer and CEO and chairman of DSPA. He is also chief pilot and co-founder of A-Cam Antennas and experienced in piloting single and dual operations for Ford, ABC, Disney and others. A widely recognized expert in drone policy, he served on the 2017 FAA committee on remote identification and monitoring of aviation rules. He is an active member of ASTM, working on industry standards for remote identification, people operations, and operations beyond visual line of sight. He continues to serve on various working groups for the Federal Drone Advisory Committee and sits on the UAS Stakeholder Group to help advise the Oregon legislature on UAS matters. Sugahara has worked closely with the State Aviation Agency as a UAS Policy Advisor and advises many state agencies and local municipalities on drone issues and policies. He was appointed to the Drone Advisory Board in January 2021 as the Citizen UAS Operator.

Vic Moss is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the DSPA. Commercial photographer, he owned Foam photograph since 1988 and has been providing drone services since 2014. Moss is a nationally recognized voice for drone safety and an advocate for reasonable drone regulation. On social media, he is the administrator of the largest UAS specific legal forum, the UAV Law News & Discussion Group, and one of the largest UAS pilot business forums. He is also the Director of Legislative Affairs for UAS Colorado, where he has worked with many municipalities to help create reasonable drone regulations. He is one of two drone pilots who helped the Colorado legislature draft HB 18-1314, making it an offense to use a drone to interfere with public safety operations. Moss works with the FAA as one of five Drone Pros on the FAA Safety Team for the Denver FSDO, spanning all of Colorado and Wyoming. He was appointed to the Drone Advisory Board in January 2021 as the Citizen UAS Operator.


Christophe alvarez is Pictioneer of SMPTE Hollywood, a Licensed Drone Pilot, Editor / Director of Photography in Creative Services at The American Film Institute, and media coordinator at LAUSDYouth development program. He has worked on camera on several independent feature films and music videos, and is currently enrolled in the David Lynch MFA scriptwriting program.

Mark Bender tracks Mark Bender Antennas, a drone service provider specializing in drone video and photography for real estate, film, episodic television, animal documentaries, commercials and tourist resorts. He was an associate member of American Society of Filmmakers (ASC) since 2008 and fully licensed commercial drone pilot since 2016.


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