Sales at the 4 Flavors Art Gallery reception support Montclair Local


An opening reception for the work of graffiti artist Sen2 Figueroa at the 4 Flavors Art Gallery will help support Montclair Local Nonprofit News. (COURTESY 4 FLAVORS ART GALLERY)

4 Flavors Art Gallery will donate 10% of the proceeds of any sale on October 13 – at the opening reception for an exhibition featuring graffiti artist Sen2 Figueroa – to Montclair Local Nonprofit News.

The gallery will also ask for a suggested donation from the Montclair local at the door – a recommended “ticket” cost of $ 100 or $ 150. Donations to Montclair Local are tax deductible.

Montclair Local needs your support!

“For nearly three decades, Sen2 has continually sought new ways to create meaningful graffiti works, whether in the outdoor space with its murals, or through canvases and prints,” the gallery said in an announcement from the reception.

The exhibition will be on view from October 15 to 31.

Montclair Local is different from most news organizations – it is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, dependent on community support, and currently operating at a loss. Most of its expenses go directly to paying the salaries of full-time and part-time journalists, further supported by freelance writers and photographers. Printing and delivering the weekly newspaper accounts for most of the rest.

Montclair Local strives to be the newspaper of the community – working to make government more transparent, to celebrate all that makes Montclair great, to reflect the diverse experiences of the people who make Montclair their home. It’s a long and expensive endeavor and a gamble – that the people of Montclair find local journalism important enough, worthy of support to help the newspaper survive as so many hometown trade newspapers have drastically downsized or closed. completely.

It’s a bet the newspaper’s founding editor and the newspaper’s biggest donor, Heeten Choxi, and other supporters think it’s worth taking, as they believe the community gets better by being well. informed.

For Montclair Local staff members, offers like this one from 4 Flavors – to support the information operation with a fundraiser – is a welcome sign that the hard work they do is important.

For three decades, Sen2 Figueroa, formerly Sandro Figueroa García (b.1969, Puerto Rico), sought new ways to create meaningful graffiti, whether in the outdoor space with his murals, or through canvases. and impressions.

“In the 1980s, Sen2’s fascination with graffiti, colors and letters took hold of his dreams,” 4 Flavors wrote in his announcement of the event. “He took his passion for graffiti, color and lettering to the streets of New York. There he began to cultivate his love for street art, creating graffiti murals and commercial works. It was at this point in his life that he met and joined the most famous graffiti team ever assembled in the world to date: Tats Cru.

Their joint work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, Art Basel, the Boston Center for the Arts, several times in Europe and as part of the “Urban Art Biennial 2013” ​​at the Rammelsberg Museum in Germany.

Sen2’s work has evolved to include mixed media works on paper and canvas, according to the gallery.

“He went from classic New York graffiti art to a combination of graphic lettering styles with 3D elements and abstract art techniques. All of Sen2’s pieces contain elements of graffiti to reflect his artistic roots, as well as his sophisticated and ever-evolving style, ”says the ad. “Her work creates an entertaining dialogue between color and movement. Sen2 blurs the lines between graffiti and fine art. Its magnificent chaos of modern and contemporary interpretations has created a signature style.

Sen2’s most recent work, Mecanico, Sen2 was influenced by the Bauhaus movement and the color theory of Joseph Albers. It focuses on “the evolution of graffiti to a mechanical style” and “the crisp use of blurred lines with a bold use of color, and subtle blends collide intensely among a variation of textures,” according to the gallery.

4 Flavors is located at 204, avenue Bellevue in Montclair. The opening night reception starts at 6:00 p.m.

Contributions to Montclair Local can be made at any time at

– Louis C. Hochman

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