Pixel “Community Lens” wallpapers show the Googlers photos


The latest collection of wallpapers available to Pixel owners, “Community Lens,” features some amazing shots, including many photos taken by Google employees.

With the launch of Android 12 and the larger redesign of Material You – small parts of today’s Pixel 6 event – your phone’s wallpaper has never been more important because it will define the color palette of all your applications. To this end, Pixel phones have a lot of wallpaper collections in the official wallpapers app, and right before the Pixel 6 event, Google added another collection.

Entitled “Community Lens”, the new collection includes 18 intensely colored wallpapers and is available for all current Pixel phones. Interestingly, many, if not all, of these wallpapers were captured by Google employees. For example, the “Whistler Sunset” wallpaper was made by Bill Luan – a senior program manager and regional manager for Greater China, Developer Relations at Google – and can be found on his Flickr account.

Meanwhile, an equally mountainous “Sierra Sunset” wallpaper was produced by Romain Guy, Android Engineering Director, who previously featured photographs as a Chromecast background. If “Sierra Sunset” sounds familiar to you, it’s because it was one of the default Google Nexus 5 wallpapers from 2013.

It’s no surprise that Google, as big as it is, has a large number of talented photographers in its ranks. At one point, Google even had an internal – now public – class on the details of how to take great digital photos.

As you would expect, each Community Lens wallpaper generates a fantastic Material You theme on your Pixel phone once you install the Android 12 update. Firefall, in particular, creates a bold look with its vivid orange trail. contrasting with the blue hues of the rock, which are captured by the Material You widgets.

Header Image: Jingyu Wu

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