Photographers to follow on Instagram: October 8, 2021


Every day the PetaPixel The Instagram account shares great photos of our readers and those who inspire us. Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites and the photographers behind the lens.

Our Instagram page @PetaPixel posted all of the great work in front of our eyes. Want to see your photos shared on our account? First of all, you’ll want to follow us. Then use the #petapixel hashtag in your posts to join our community of Instagram photographers. These steps make it easy for us to find what to share.

Below we recognize a selection of talented photographers who recently showcased their work on @PetaPixel. Continue to post your images with #petapixel and you could end up here next week.

Dice Sales, or @dicesales on Instagram, started photography when he was in college with a point-and-shoot camera borrowed from his aunt. In 2012 he moved to New Zealnad and immediately fell in love with the beautiful views.

As for that image above, Sales said it was one of his favorites from his last visit to the Philippines in his hometown of Villasis. “I lived there for over 20 years, but never saw the sun rise beautifully over the mountain, Mount Balungau,” he said. PetaPixel. “With technology and cameras these days, we can capture things from above and give us a different perspective. Sales are anxiously awaiting the end of the pandemic so safe travel can reopen.

Blake Aghili, found on Instagram as @blakevisuals, is a New York-based beauty and fashion photographer. Aghili told PetaPixel that he gets his juice out of photography and that taking good photos makes him happy and pushes him to move on for the next shoot.

Miguel Ponte is a Madeira, Portugal-based wedding photographer whose work can be seen on Instagram at @ miguelponte.photographer. Ponte has been awarded by the FEP as European Wedding Photographer of the Year 2021 and is currently ranked world number one on PROWEDaward.

Sébastien Blomme, known as @ donlope01 on Instagram, is a self-proclaimed wildlife photographer and insect lover based outside of France. Blomme said PetaPixel that this particular photo was taken a few seconds before sunset, so “the sun was not too strong, which allows to have some details on the butterfly”.

Alexey Vladimir, or @vladimir_alexey on Instagram, is a photographer from Moldova in Eastern Europe. Vladimir focuses his efforts on editorials for magazines as well as creative conceptual photography.

Ahmad Alnaji, found on Instagram as @ahmadannaji, is a Dubai-based urban art and architectural photographer. Alnaji said PetaPixel that he aims to create a blend of art, cityscape and architecture with his photography.

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Image credits: All photographs used with permission of their respective photographers.

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