Photographer’s Haunting Street Fog Covered Photos of San Francisco

Photographer Joshua Singh became captivated by how fog transforms San Francisco and now his portfolio focuses heavily on the weather patterns that define the city by the bay.

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Singh’s journey into photography began with Fujifilm X100F, capture photos while traveling. But, since the start of the pandemic, he became more consistent with filming and began to explore the city, while taking a few steps as an exercise, and since upgraded to Sony a7R IV.

“I would go for long bike rides or walks and explore several areas of the city and capture moments as they happened,” Singh said. PetaPixel. “I try to shoot almost every other day these days.”

San Francisco foggy street photography

Even without the signature foggy weather, the San Francisco Bay Area has plenty to offer photographers, from rugged roads to the ocean and the bay. But, given that fog is a common occurrence in the region, especially in summer, it’s no surprise that Singh’s photographs feature it strongly.

San Francisco foggy street photography

San Francisco foggy street photography

“It’s a real pleasure to be able to access the fog and the particular conditions,” he explains. “I and several photographers in the city use a lot evasion, which is a community of photographers who get accurate forecasts of fog trends. Community members also share real-time updates that help focus on a particular area with heavy fog or great sunrise or sunset colors.

The appeal of fog is that it adds a touch of mystery to what could be considered an ordinary photo. It also transcends the image-taking stage: “when you go out, you don’t really know what you’ll get.”

San Francisco foggy street photography San Francisco foggy street photography

“For example, there may be a day when there is heavy fog but no interesting street scene to photograph,” says Singh. “You might get lucky one day with thick fog and a very interesting scene to capture. I think uncertainty is exciting. I also enjoy the editing process to bring out the mood I had in mind when I shot.

For other photographers keen to capture photos of atmospheric fog, Singh recommends getting out and shooting regularly. This improves composition, farming, and other key skills that will be essential when the fog appears.

San Francisco foggy street photography

San Francisco foggy street photography

If it is dense, photographers may find autofocus difficult. Singh typically shoots using a wide aperture, like f/1.2 and f/1.4, and the multi-burst shooting mode to capture a street scene in those harsh weather conditions.

Singh also recommends always carrying a clean cloth to wipe down equipment. The last thing a photographer wants is to miss a great shot just because the lens fogged up.

More of Singh’s work can be found on his website and instagram.

Picture credits: Pictures by Joshua Singh.

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