Photographer offers a whole new view of county construction projects


A PROFESSIONAL aerial photographer has captured photographs of works starting near Knutsford on the HS2 branch to Manchester.

Chris Billington, based in Knutsford, of, took the snaps during his regular aerial photography flight operation at 1,500 feet, photographing the final leg of the M56 smart motorway for Highways England from the roundabout from Lymm to Manchester Airport.

Aerial photos show platforms and ground survey preparations. is a small professional photography company, covering some of the major UK projects including projects in Cheshire.

These include improvements to junction 19 of the M6, the Congleton link road, the Poynton bypass and expansion works at the Manchester Airport terminal.

Chris said: “I am a professional aerial photographer. When people hear that they always think I am flying drones, but I am flying in an airplane.

“We need to have special permission that you can’t get with drones because you can’t fly them over a highway live.”

Chris uses an incredibly powerful camera to capture images from angles never seen before and spends around seven hours once a month traveling the country capturing aerial photos of construction projects for his clients.

Speaking about how he got into aerial photography, Chris explained, “I’ve always taken photos of construction projects and people got to see the photos I was taking and it gradually took over.

“I originally had a drone, but then I was invited to get on a plane and I thought it was really awesome.”

Chris uses a full-size high-winged airplane and professional Nikon DSLR cameras with powerful lenses to take his clients’ photos, and is able to fly in places and at heights not permitted for drones.

One of Chris’s recent photographs includes a Russian submarine moored in British waters – a Soviet Foxtrot-class submarine, taken while flying over the River Medway.

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