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Photographing animals is a task, especially with how much they like to move. Photographer Christian Vieler, however, is a pro. And in his latest series, he features photos of dogs just before they’re about to jump up and grab a treat.

In the photographs, he captures the brief moment when the dogs are really excited for their treat. Vieler shares these photos of dogs on his Instagram page.

A post of dog photos is captioned: “Here are – just put together – some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks. The adorable expressions on the doggie faces are just too cute to miss.

Watch them here:

Since its publication on December 4 on Instagram, this share has accumulated more than 4,000 likes and several comments.

“Awesome,” commented one individual. “I love it,” posted a second. “Aww, the cutest shark in the second photo is Aurora,” said a third.

Here’s a dachshund grabbing a treat:

“Dachshunds rock” reads a comment below this post with over 6,000 likes. “Omg love this,” another posted, followed by a laughing emoji.

And below you’ll find adorable images of what the caption describes as “Puppies Catching Treats,” followed by a heart emoji.

This post has over 12,000 likes and comments such as “Baby Dogs”. Many took to the comments section with heart emojis.

Here are a few more photos he shared of dogs grabbing both funny and cute treats:

With over 7,000 likes, this post is also a success. A comment below reads, “The moment is coming so quickly. I can only hear my dog’s mouth make that flap sound. Seeing their facial expressions is hilarious.” Many have posted laughing emojis.

What do you think of these funny pictures of dogs?

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