Next installments of the “Sense of Place” storyboard project


History is always interesting to learn, especially when it comes to the history of a community you live in. The Humboldt Public Art Committee would like to present their latest installment of the “Sense of Place” storyboard project. Storyboards placed on historical monuments around Humboldt give people a sense of the importance of each place.

The committee has already placed 8 storyboards in the community and is currently working on erecting 5 more. The new boards that go up are to be placed at:

– LL Bruser Ltd./Cash Motors & Autobody Ltd.

– The Humboldt apartments (aka the Dafoe “H” huts)

– St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Nursing School

– Humboldt Grain Elevator Quarter

– The Dr. Ogilvie Family Home / Richard’s Reflections

Director of Cultural Services Jennifer Fitzpatrick spoke of the upcoming projects: “There are many, many places in Humboldt that have historical value; it’s just the next round. The Public Arts Committee considered many suggestions either from the public or simply through the research we did. Fitzpatrick explained that there are more storyboards to place in the near future.

The Committee reaches out to the community and invites anyone who may have stories or photos relating to historic sites in the region to present their information.

“A lot of times we just get general data that people have. They may think it doesn’t matter that much, that they don’t know much about any of the places, but when you start to put all these stories together you’d be amazed at how things turned out. naturally unite greater story. Fitzpatrick said, “You don’t need to know a lot, you don’t need to be a historian. If you’ve just got an essence of this place, or have a photo or something, we’re just happy to put it all together.

Those with a story or information are encouraged to contact the Museum located at 602 Main Street.

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