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NYC, NEW YORK, USA, November 5, 2021 / – Ryan Liu is honored by peers and jurors for his high-quality photographs

New York City, NY— An image created by Ryan Liu of New York was recently shortlisted as the American Illustrations-American Photography (AI-AP) winner. Liu’s winning work will be published on the annual American hardcover print book AI-AP and will be featured in an annual exhibit at the Angel Orensanz Foundation — The Party, a highly anticipated annual event that brings the creative community together each November. At New York. City.

A panel of seven distinguished jurors from across the United States selects the winning photographs from a total of 8,000 submitted entries. Judged against a standard of excellence, just over 600 images are selected for the CHOSEN collection and only 181 (2%) were selected for the prestigious SELECTED collection, the best of the best. All images in the SELECTED collection will be published in the annual book “AI-AP” and will receive permanent placement in the ARCHIVES.

From his first entry, Ryan secured a place in the AI-AP ARCHIVES. This achievement recognizes superior photographic competence demonstrated through a photographic competition, showcasing commissioned and personal work that is ahead of its time. “I am very excited about the results,” said Liu enthusiastically. “That my image is part of the AI-AP as a winning entry, it’s incredible! I have participated in many photography competitions and know how tough and tough the competition can be. I am truly honored.

Ryan’s Fortunate One prints will be part of the annual AI-AP exhibit alongside other prominent photographic works from the competition. They will also be placed in permanent online archives and hardcover book displays. The Image is one of the world’s largest annual exhibitions of professional photography brought together simultaneously under one roof.

About American Illustrations – American Photography (AI-AP)

The annual AI-AP Jury Awards provide high visibility and well-deserved recognition to established photographers and illustrators, showcasing commissioned and personal work ahead of its time while honoring the publications, creatives and agencies responsible for l award and use of winning images. AI-AP was created as a direct alternative to other leading organizations and companies to seek out unsung artists who are not afraid of
push the limits. The acclaimed AI-AP books, objects of beauty and debate, are published each year in November. These are the first must-have resources for art directors, designers, photo editors, and art buyers that focus on awarding the best original, thoughtful, and compelling images.

To see more photographs of Ryan, visit For more information contact Ryan Liu 480-322-1288 [email protected]

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