Maggie Q and Michael Keaton in a good action thriller

“The Protected” (2021) is a new film in the “indestructible mercenary for hire” genre from the studio behind the hit series “John Wick” and the director of “Casino Royale” (2006), although it end up leaning more towards your first cover letter. a thriller that takes its time but is very effective once you get to the heart of the matterwhere human relationships weigh a little more than in the Keanu Reeves saga.

Following the mold of “Anna”, “Atomic Blonde” and “Ava”, the film continues to exploit the lure of on-screen killers, highly skilled and dangerous women who shine in dynamic action sequences where the enemies are usually men of questionable morals, although the motive for revenge here is less forced and dependent on sexual trauma, but rather a pattern that could be just as valid for a Charles Bronson.

A demand from Maggie Q to return to the front of the stage

Maggie Q plays Anna, a ruthless killer rescued from Vietnam by Moody, played by an underutilized Samuel L. Jackson, and trained to follow in his footsteps. motley bikers led by Robert Patrick.

Anna isn’t an everyday workaholic, but a cat-loving librarian who bakes cupcakes and might be a member of the over-the-top and underrated “Gunpowder Milkshake” library club, but as soon as it all jumps in los aires inscribed in the pattern of betrayed murderess that unfolds a wave of violence all over the world.

The protector

Maggie Q just has the restraint and vulnerability to play more nuanced than usual at thea ruthless action anti-heroine, but her slender body and elastic physique he fits naturally into such an action-packed role. She has a certain advantage over other female roles in recent films and could lead to a series like “Nikita” without her suffering.

Competent action and steady pace

Additionally, the rest of the cast also works and Michael Keaton is an interesting and unconventional choice for Rembrandt’s character., the antagonist who often clashes with Anna. The two actors show polished chemistry as they address the high sexual tension between them from the start, in another move not so typical of the film that is resolved with absurd humor, a point where its director Martin Campbell shines.

Nikita, Lucy and Anna: the killers in the cinema of Luc Besson and their evolution

‘La Protégé’ isn’t too different from those Friday night premieres, but the director of ‘Green Lantern’ brings it out, with a competent approach to the action, sometimes quite bloody, and a penchant for combining violence with unusual music. There is a palpable confidence in the main sequences, with lively choreography that helps keep the set engaging enough despite the correct magnetism of its narration.

Le Protege 2 Jpg 1100x0 Crop Q85

Like his peers, Samuel L. Jackson also does a good job with the script presented to him, but it doesn’t differ much from his other recent minor roles. The scenes with fights and shootings are neat and in the end they are the main glue with which the interest is maintained of ‘The Protected’, which is presented with a photograph that distances it from the typical video product and is concluded in less than two hours, a guarantee of the pedigree of an experienced team that is aimed at a wide audience, without relying solely on the usual infallible baits for the most faithful of the genre.

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