Izzo Pro’s outstanding services create an uproar for them in the industry

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, Oct. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A Nevada-based company is creating hype for soon-to-be married couples and for all the right reasons, because brides can’t help to look forward to hiring the company, Izzo Pro.

Couples soon to be married in Las Vegas might have a lot on their plate, but if there’s one thing that has a definite answer, it’s “who’s going to cover the wedding.”

Based in Las Vegas, Izzo Pro is known for providing professional videography and photography services for weddings, music videos, music production, commercial video and photography, but the recent hype has caught everyone’s attention. future brides.

“My husband was hesitant to pay a videographer for our wedding, and he didn’t think we needed one. As soon as we got our video back he was in tears and thought it was money well spent. When Mario and his staff arrived at our room, they got to work. They are professional, easy-going, good-humored people, they were amazing, and so was the video! read one of the reviews.

Documenting the day from the heart to create photos and videos that will bring you back to the moment, Izzo Pro is professional in its job.

Danielle and Mario are experienced wedding photographers who enjoy shooting weddings all over Las Vegas in a laid back and candid style. If you’re a fun and carefree couple, Dani will make sure she captures all those precious wedding day moments as your celebration unfolds around you. And Mario’s honest approach to creating images is perfect for creative couples looking for modern, heartfelt wedding photography.

Together, they’re known for capturing the authentic vibe and energy of your wedding day so you can relive the moment over and over again.

“Mario was amazing and the perfect choice for our wedding videography. He perfectly captured every special moment and our wedding dance from every angle. He even gave us HD photos of the videos which ended up being the best of the day! Thank you, Mario, for freezing this moment in time that we will remember for the rest of our lives! another client participated in the review.

Asked about their passion and motivation for capturing these beautiful moments, the couple was open about their relationship with God as they mentioned,
“While traversing several valleys on our journey, we were compelled to push towards our Creator God and wholeheartedly believe that He will always guide, provide and protect.”
If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who can encompass emotion, fun, and tears of joy, then you know where to go now!

About Izzo Pro

Izzo Pro specializes in cinematography and photography. The owners, Mario and Dani, are married creative professionals and have two beautiful sons. Mario and Dani are ready to provide exceptional service throughout your experience. With a passion for singing and songwriting as well as videography and photography, they have achieved great success in music production, videography and photography.

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