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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ohio photographer Tiffany Caudill is accused of forgoing dozens of weddings just days, or in some cases, the same day, and failing to provide brides with full refunds, which cost them hundreds of dollars. .

“I want to cry. I was like, I don’t want to show this to anyone,” Ashley Duncan said, referencing her poorly edited wedding footage.

Duncan says she hired Caudill, owner of Tiffany Caudill Creative, for her wedding in April. Two days before her wedding, she was told that Caudill could not come due to a family emergency. Duncan says Caudill provided three other people – two photographers and a videographer – to cover her wedding.

Duncan says she paid Caudill $750 upfront.

Caudill “gave me back $100,” Duncan said. “There’s Pennsylvania, West Virginia. I mean, it’s over, she booked people. I can’t imagine what they are going through. »

A Facebook post started by videographer Brian Baldwin shows the dozens of brides from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and other states who had all booked Caudill for their weddings. Some of them had the same wedding dates.

“I’m inundated with stories about her ghosting people and providing no content,” Baldwin said. “She told people she had COVID. She told people her car was stolen, then her gear was stolen, then her mother was in the hospital.

Baldwin was associate videographer for Caudill for two weddings, including Duncan’s. He says he has heard brides say that Caudill canceled them on the day of the wedding and it took them months to only partially repay.

“I looked back on a message where she tells brides she’s going to be there, and some of them are still booked the same day,” Baldwin said.

I-Team 8 reached out to Caudill, who posted a public message addressing their customers’ concerns. In the post, she apologizes and says her mental health and overbooking contributed to her many cancellations. She says she will close her business in 2023.

At this time, it does not appear that any criminal charges have been brought against Caudill. You can read it on Facebook.

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