Horseshoe Bend offers spectacular views of the Colorado River | Navajo-Hopi Observer

Gilbert Honanie, Navajo-Hopi observer

Horseshoe Bend attracts visitors from around the world and a recent visit did not disappoint – and the off-season made for light to moderate visits. On a previous visit, the crowds made it harder to enjoy, especially trying to find a spot to take a photo.

Getting from the parking lot to the lookout isn’t terribly difficult, and anyone with a good pair of walking shoes can easily hike the ADA-approved trail up and back to the lookout, which also has a few benches. shadow along the trail.

With so many visitors, it’s always a few who put themselves in a precarious position, which can make observers nervous. Although permitted and cautioned, people are allowed to go past the platform area on the lookout point, but are warned that the cliff side is slippery and may break off.

Horseshoe Bend is located 4.6 miles west of the town of Page and is run by the town. Peak tour times are morning and evening year-round.

During the summer months, visitors are advised not to visit at midday as temperatures can hover between 90 and above. Visitors are also asked to bring plenty of water. Parking is plentiful for most months of the year. It is more difficult to find parking in the summer due to the large number of visitors to the area.

Park hours are sunrise to sunset and current fees are;

• Motorcycles: $5

• Car or motorhome: $10

• Commercial van/bus (capacity up to 14 passengers) $35

• Commercial Bus (passenger capacity 15-35) $70

• Commercial bus (capacity over 35 passengers) $140

Horseshoe Bend is a must for the landscape photographer, environmental portraitist and adventurer. But as with all parks, follow the simple rule of “Pack in, Pack out”.

More information about visiting Horseshoe Bend is available from the City of Page at

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