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MANCHESTER – Alec Baldwin’s sighting on the streets of Manchester on Sunday and Monday, just days after he shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a film set in New Mexico, has emerged on social media photos of the celebrity and his family in Vermont, and the national press is asking for details of the actor’s visit.

Closer to home, the people of Manchester were less enthralled, arguing that Baldwin and his family deserved their privacy.

“The Manchester community values ​​the privacy of our residents and visitors,” said Managing Director John O’Keefe. “Manchester is the kind of place where people just go about their own business.”

Baldwin kept a low profile after what has been called an accidental propeller pistol discharge on the set of “Rust,” a movie shot in Santa Fe, NM, which killed Hutchins and injured film director Joel Souza . Baldwin, who has not been charged, had not been seen in New Mexico in days since the shooting.

On Sunday and Monday, however, the family were spotted on the streets of Manchester, where many locals saw them eating and taking out food at area restaurants, including Christo’s, a pizzeria on Main Street in the city center. from Manchester and other parts of the city. Reports say the Baldwins ate at Christo’s Sunday night and Baldwin was pictured on Monday coming home for take out.

The Baldwins have strong ties to Northshire. Alec Baldwin’s wife’s grandfather, Hilaria, settled in Arlington and was a prominent resident there. David Lloyd Thomas Sr., of Arlington and Massachusetts, passed away on March 2, 2020, at the age of 92. Among the survivors listed in Thomas’ obituary was “Hilaria Baldwin and her husband Alec from New York”.

Thomas and his wife, Mary Lou, traveled to Arlington to research genealogical roots and found his family’s connection to the area predated the American Revolution, according to the published obituary. They ended up buying a summer cottage and later a farm in East Arlington, and made the area their home while spending time in New York and Massachusetts.

Thomas was a trustee of the Bennington Museum and the Vermont Historical Society, according to his obituary. He and his wife spent time “preserving, building and organizing the Russell Vermontiana Collection”, which is now in the Martha Canfield Library. He was one of the founders of the Arlington Townscape Association, which the obituary said was responsible for a book on the history of Arlington.

Although the Baldwins were seen around Manchester earlier this week, few were aware of their presence in Northshire until national media reported. A photograph circulated around the world Thursday showing Baldwin outside The Italian Market, an iconic Manchester business on Main Street owned by Chris Stannard. Although Baldwin never entered the business, Stannard said his phone had started ringing by the time the photo was released.

“I was bombed yesterday as soon as I walked in the gate,” Stannard said on Friday. “Personally, I didn’t feel it was so revolutionary, but the phone just kept ringing.”

Then the media started to introduce themselves and want to interview him.

“I was asked questions and I gave honest answers,” Stannard said. ” I never saw it. I didn’t know he had been in town. … I just found out he was here.

But that did not prevent the residents of the neighborhood from calling him out on social networks, accusing him of having “denounced” Baldwin and his family to the press.

“The reaction I got almost immediately was that I beat Alec Baldwin,” Stannard said. “It took my breath away. After [Thursday], I would never want to be a celebrity, I can tell you that.

Stannard said he understands and wants visitors to feel safe here, adding, “We are a small community. I feel safe here and think everyone who visits should feel safe here. I believe this city is a great and safe community.

Chrissy Carroccio, a prominent Manchester real estate agent, echoed the local public’s sense that the Baldwins deserved their privacy. Carroccio said she was at the restaurant with the Baldwins but never thought to turn around and ask them questions.

She overheard them talk about their belonging to the community, noting that Alec Baldwin had told someone “they weren’t locked in a house because they were trying to keep their sanity.”

“This family has young children,” Carroccio said. Reporting on this is not from Vermont. It’s a bit embarrassing as a community. People come to Vermont to breathe and be who they are.


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