Helmut Lang and UNIQLO together after 8 years

APC is definitely one of the most interesting brands in the high streetwear scene.
Founded by Jean Touitou in 1987, APC is a French clothing brand that is both authentic and accessible in its aesthetics and philosophy. While APC became known for its classic raw denim jeans, it now offers a comprehensive collection of clothing and accessories for men and women that embody simple, effortless elegance. Jean Touitou works with his wife, Judith Touitou, who is the artistic director of the brand. APC fully reflects the vision of its founder, composed of a minimalist and essential aesthetic. It is precisely this identity, elegant and relaxed, that makes APC an almost timeless brand.

APC launches a new collection today in collaboration with the British but naturalized French actress, singer and director Jane Birkin, already available on the French brand’s website. A true icon in the world of French culture – unforgettable the scene of Michelangelo Antonioni Explode (1966) where Birkin appears topless – also thanks to her love affair and her artistic partnership with Serge Gainsbourg.

Jean Touitou commented on the collaboration with the actress as follows:
“Jane Birkin knows how to dress. It becomes obvious when you talk to her. She also knows how to give a very literary dimension to her attraction to a particular material or form.
For example, speaking of corduroy, she will say how much she admired and was intrigued by young French people wearing corduroy trousers in London. And it’s almost like the beginning of a novel.
She is also constantly on the lookout for a men’s suit “in which you can go to a party without being ashamed of being, as the saying goes, a sheep in wolf’s clothing!”, and trousers with deep pockets which makes the handbag unnecessary.
We worked on trying to perfect all of her daily outfits with her and under her guidance. I admit that on the surface it’s nothing special, because it’s nothing spectacular, except – to use Jane’s own words – good base materials that age well, because she likes to keep her garments for years, and finishes that live up to their name.
In reality, he was the only person with whom we could have done this kind of work, which is, at the same time, a kind of return to basics compared to the Old APC working method »

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