Heightened security for Prince Charles at private home with Duchess Camilla

Rachel Avery

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have a glorious London residence, Clarence House, and they also spend a lot of time in their Gloucestershire retreat at Highgrove House.

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Their country hole is a place of absolute serenity and it belongs in a postcard, but it also has a whole host of hidden security measures to keep the Prince of Wales safe, including a panic room, a air exclusion and special laws that apply. on the ground.

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When the Government introduced stricter regulations on trespassing at certain protected sites such as Downing Street, Checkers and Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles’ home in Tetbury also gained this level of protection as he is heir to the throne.

Another change to Prince Charles’ safety was the removal of all public footpaths passing too close to the property.

The Prince of Wales has epic security measures at his country home

The public transport section of Highgrove House’s website reads: “It is only two miles from Tetbury to the estate, but there is no suitable public footpath.”

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However, there was definitely a public footpath there, as royal photographer Arthur Edwards once had a run-in with the royal.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs, Arthur relived the moment: “I walk on this path with a big telescopic telescope on my shoulder and he arrived at a gallop on his horse. ‘What are you doing on my land?’ he yelled and I said, ‘I’m not on your land, I’m on a public footpath sir’.”

The Queen has also set up a panic room in her home

A security measure visible outside the house is the large stone wall around the perimeter, and above the sky the sky is protected from intrusion as there is a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft and this rule has been in place since 1991.

Inside the house there is also a major security feature, a secret panic room in case the heir and his wife need to use it in an emergency. There has been much speculation about what might be stored in the secure space, from food supplies to possible blood supplies matching Charles and Camilla’s blood types!

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