Hallet Oak Gallery Fall Opening | New

Hallet Oak Gallery will host the opening reception for its Fall/Winter 2022 exhibition from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at 115 N. Main Street, according to a press release from the gallery.

The gallery features a wide variety of works by mostly local artists including Moses Adams, Dianne Appelt, Karen Brosch, Blanche Cavarretta, Roy Cavarretta, Linda Cejka, Larry Charles, Mark Curtin, Monica Garza. Mischer, Gene Grant, Mary Gullette, Debbie Halling, Darlene Immekus, Olivia Juenke, JoAnn, Kahanek, Ken Kopacki, Mieko Mahi, Kathleen McBride, Sarah Naomi, Elizabeth Payne, Dennis, Pesek, James Phillips, Steven Pituch, Georgia Pohl, Phyllis Rivera, Timothy Sadler and Lois Weiss.

Hallet Oak Gallery invites art lovers and patrons to stop and enjoy refreshments while browsing the exhibits. Artists will be present to visit and discuss their work.

Weiss, artist and volunteer, will present several pieces including a portrait of young Mick Jagger, a still life titled “Mojitos Anyone?” a marine in three parts and a still life of bluebonnets from his garden. When Hallet Oak Gallery opened in 2016, Weiss was well over 70. She signed up for oil painting classes just for fun. Now 81, she finds painting a wonderful way to spend her retirement. Weiss and her husband lead a quiet life in the Breslau region.

Rivera was already a talented artist working in acrylics when she started studying oil painting a few years ago. Switching to oil brought a wonderful depth and luster to his work.

Retired from the oil industry, Rivera and her husband moved from Houston to Lavaca County. Their love of the Texas coast, rural life and gardening is reflected in her work.

A math graduate from Boston University and an avid photographer, Curtin first pursued a career as an aerial photographer and later in the design and manufacture of oilfield equipment. Working with the California-based Center for Land Use Interpretation, Curtin conducted an exhaustive survey of VOR antennas in Texas and produced the documentary “The VORs of Texas”. His work in the oil field led to extended stays in Singapore and Norway.

In recent years he has worked as a freelance photographer, shooting portraits, collections and personal documentaries. His photographs exhibited at the gallery – from portraits to countryside landscapes and construction sites – testify to his creative instinct and his long experience with a camera. Curtin and his wife live in Hallettsville.

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