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Photo credit: Gray Malin

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Fine art photographer Gray Malin has traveled across seven continents (yes, Antarctica included!) Capturing the world’s most beautiful destinations. After discovering photography in high school, a study trip abroad spent with his beloved camera led him to develop a passion for travel photography.

“Every weekend we would go to a new destination, and I would bring my camera, and the marriage of photography and travel became really exciting for me,” he says. “When I started my business I didn’t know I was going to travel the world as much as I could, but when I started writing my own books I started to focus on travel, as has been the case. a point of inspiration for people. It drew me to places that people really love or dream of going to one day, and that’s where it all started. “

The photographer’s latest monograph, Smart Gray, released on June 9, offers a vivid glimpse into his career and his unique experiences in the world as an art photographer and aerial photographer. This breathtaking and vibrant book makes us feel the urge to travel, leading us to wonder where the globe-trotting photographer dreamed of visiting in a post-pandemic world. Here, Malin’s recommendations for planning your first luxury getaway since your 40s.

Cape Town, South Africa

Malin says one of the first places he can’t wait to return is the breathtaking scenery of Cape Town.

“It truly is one of my favorite places around the world,” he says. “I think a lot of people don’t know that there are some amazing wine regions nearby, and the two to see are Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Valley.” Malin says it’s worth taking a day trip to all of them, as you can take bike rides around the beautiful grounds, enjoy a wine and cheese picnic, and participate in tastings. of renowned vineyards.

He says there is also a stunning drive along the coast of the Cape of Good Hope where you will discover a historic lighthouse, penguin-filled beaches and delicious food before returning through the Twelve Apostles mountain range. to the city.

Capri, Italy

Photo credit: Gray Malin

Photo credit: Gray Malin

“Another place that attracts me every time is the Isle of Capri,” says Malin. “It’s a place I dream of going back to constantly.” He discovered a destination worthy of fainting while filming his hugely popular La Dolce Vita series, and has returned every summer for the past five years, which has led to the forging of special relationships with the locals of the world. ‘Isle.

Malin’s favorite hotel is Hotel Punta Tragara which he says is a bit off the beaten track, above the iconic rock formations of Faraglioni, but absolutely magical and well worth it. He says it’s hard to find a more incredible view than here, as the hotel was built into a mountainside, which also gives the property a sense of originality with all the glamor of the age. ‘gold.

Other recommendations include plenty of pizza nights at the Aumm Aumm Pizzeria and a spritz-laden lunch at the iconic La Fontelina Beach Club. The latter was a favorite of Sophia Loren, Brigette Bardot and Clark Gable and many other glamorous jet-setters of the 1960s.

Byron Bay, Australia

This ultra-trendy surfing paradise is another of Malin’s must-see destinations. He says Raes, a waterfront boutique hotel in Wategos Beach, is a beloved stay that a local friend told him about. It is also the perfect place to live your first international vacation, as there are only nine accommodations, offering a chic and exclusive experience.

“In Byron Bay, there are so many great markets, and there’s an outdoor market full of shops that have some exciting finds of food and home decor, and it’s just such a fun part of being at. Byron. ” He also says there are lots of beautiful coastal hiking trails where you can watch surfers catch the waves as sharks and dolphins pass by.

Malin says the cooking is very seasonal and health conscious, which reminds him of the LA food scene. He says they take their products very seriously at Bryon Bay, and it’s a must visit for foodies as well as wellness junkies and surfers.

Aspen, Colorado

Photo credit: Gray Malin

Photo credit: Gray Malin

“Personally, I would recommend Aspen,” says Malin. “Last fall I wanted to go somewhere and we went to Aspen and it really opened my eyes to the beauty of this city, and I can only imagine what it is like. summer.”

Main stayed at a hotel he has followed on social media for years and shot a project called Little Nell. It is the only hotel in Aspen that offers ski-to-door access to Aspen Mountain, a fabulous spa and one of the city’s most prestigious addresses. Yet while Aspen is incredibly chic and sophisticated, Malin notes that it’s about being outside and enjoying the resplendent beauty of the Rockies. He says there are so many amazing hiking trails to the scenic Maroon Bells Biking Trails and opportunities for other outdoor pursuits like fly fishing.

“There’s just a lot to offer there and I think it would be a really special trip to take this summer because it’s high but still fun,” said Malin.

Other destinations Malin is eager to return, including New York and Antarctica. New York is of course a favorite and inspiring destination for creatives, and Antarctica is a destination he once visited for a series of photographs but hopes to return for a personal journey.

Photo credit: Gray Malin

Photo credit: Gray Malin

Photo credit: Gray Malin

Photo credit: Gray Malin

It’s crazy to go through the book and see how the last ten years of my life have been filled with nonstop adventure, but it was all done with a purpose, “he says.” There is one. chapter titled ‘Gray Malin in Antarctica’ which presents a series where we have associated summer objects with winter terrain. This trip was so amazing to see the beauty of this unspoiled part of the world. There’s really nothing there other than penguins, whales, and seals in terms of nature, but it really makes you appreciate the world so much in a way you’ve never felt before. You can really observe nature in such an interesting way and walking with penguins and seeing icebergs is really amazing. “

While planning a fabulous getaway isn’t yet possible for all of us, Malin’s latest monograph isn’t the only exciting new way to take a mental vacation. He recently partnered with Nest New York in a collaboration that pairs three of the brand’s most popular and transportable scents with the places they represent. The packaging of the Coconut tree the scent includes a vintage-inspired scene at The Breakers in Palm Beach, the Ocean mist and sea salt features a seaside scene from St. Barth’s, and the Lemon & Amalfi Mint features footage of a beach club dotted with umbrellas on the Amalfi Coast. These scents are sure to bring back fond memories of past vacations as we dream of all the sunny getaways of the future.

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