Ghostly Aerial Photo Frame Isolated Abandoned Homes Scattered Across North America




#aircraft #drones #houses

September 24, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Brendon Burton, shared with permission

In his ongoing series titled Thin places, Portland-based photographer Brendon Burton documents isolated dilapidated houses in arid fields, in the middle of an invasive swamp or on the edge of the mountain. Decrepit structures have been Burton’s favorite subject since 2011, when he began searching for derelict buildings across the continent that exude a sense of impermanence and strangeness. “The purpose of this series is to satisfy my curiosity for the past and explore remote areas of North America. It mixes archeology and fantasy, ”he says.

From Celtic culture, Thin places refers to places “where the sky and the earth become thinner,” says Burton. “Traditionally, the term meant a place where one would feel closer to God, or something from another world. In a more modern sense, it’s a form of liminality, areas that seem transient. Each property is filmed with a drone, providing a detached view of once-occupied spaces and a brief encounter with their former use. “What drives people to leave and what keeps things standing? How much life is he left with? he asks.

Burton plans to visit the Appalachians next, and you can follow his travels at Behance and Instagram. (Going through It’s not happiness)

#aircraft #drones #houses

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