Forbes India – Fish: a Taiwanese invents a fish stroller to “explore other worlds”

Fish maker and enthusiast Jerry Huang poses with his aquarium cart for photos at a park in Taichung, central Taiwan, May 19, 2022. Image: Sam Yeh / AFP

JErry Huang’s aquatic animals rarely feel like two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, as they walk around regularly.

In the city of Taichung in Taiwan, Huang can be seen pushing his latest invention: a goldfish bowl on wheels.

“People used to walk their dogs and cats, now they walk their parrots, as well as snakes, lizards,” Huang, 31, told AFP.

“Is there a chance for underwater creatures to explore land above water?” he wondered.

Huang, an aerial drone photography enthusiast who makes a living creating content for his YouTube channel, quickly found a solution.

After spending weeks in his workshop tinkering with the design, the goldfish buggy actually came together in just a few days, cobbled together from spare parts he had lying around.

The space-like contraption (estimated cost $300-$400) consists of a large acrylic cylinder filled with water in which fish can reside, combined with a battery-powered oxygen and filtration system placed on a specially constructed cart.

“I did a lot of research before I started making this aquarium. It’s not a whim. You have to understand the fish,” he said.

He decided that goldfish, which are hardy and not particularly afraid of humans, were the best test subjects.

Huang is quite confident that his goldfish enjoy adventures.

“We all have this urge to explore other uninhabitable exotic worlds, which is why we send spaceships out into the universe,” he beamed.

“If I were a goldfish, I would be really happy if someone invented a trick for me to go explore other worlds.”

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