Football and photography: Brandon Aiyuk’s favorite hobbies

Aiyuk hopes his journey in photography will not only capture the precious moments in his family’s life, but also create special memories for his son, Braylon. Growing up, some of Aiyuk’s fondest memories with her family came from the photos they took together.

“I remember the pictures my mom took of me in the car with my dad, the same kind of pictures I take, just at home with my siblings. I’m happy to be able to think back on those memories.”

As a self-taught photographer, he invested a lot of effort in his off-road passion. Aiyuk now takes pictures with his new camera, a Sony Alpha 7. While the third-year receiver is mostly self-taught by watching YouTube videos, he’s also learned a few tips and tricks from 49ers team photographers Terrell Lloyd and Kym Fortino.

“I want my social media to have crisp, clean images. I don’t always want a photographer or someone following me, especially when I’m at home. So I thought, ‘Why not take a camera and take pictures myself?'”

So far, Aiyuk has only practiced his photography skills around his home, his favorite subject being his family members. However, Aiyuk plans to one day take his camera to the soccer field to capture action shots of his teammates and hopes to create an Instagram page dedicated specifically to his photography journey.

“I’m still learning about the different lenses and everything that goes into photography. I’m still a rookie in the camera world… My teammates would be the perfect people for my photos – Kyle Juszczyk would be definitely my first model.”

In addition to creating photo-worthy moments on the football pitch, Aiyuk is eager to develop his talents behind the camera and capture the moments that matter most to him.

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