Fact Check-Photo of vehicles blocking road shows protests by Dutch farmers in 2019, not 2022

An aerial image showing hundreds of tractors and other vehicles blocking a road in the Netherlands dates back to protests by farmers there in 2019, but some online users used it when discussing protests last month .

The image was shared online as Dutch farmers protested in June and July against government plans that could force them to use less fertilizer and cut back on livestock, in a bid to cut pollution from the nitrogen (here) (here). The protests had been ongoing since July 6, as reported by The Washington Post and Politico (here) (here).

A tweet with the years-old photo garnered at least 23,200 retweets (here). Other examples of the captioned image can be found on Facebook (here) (here) (here).

This photograph, however, predates the recent protests.

A reverse image search on search engine TinEye revealed that it was uploaded as early as October 16, 2019 (here).

The photographer – Jasper Nijland, whose name is included with a visible white watermark in the lower left corner of the photograph – shared a post with the image on October 16, 2019 (here). The post captioned it with the hashtag #Boerenprotest (which translates to “farmers protest”)

Nijland also posted other images from the protest (bit.ly/3IlD7BP).

Contacted by Reuters, Nijland confirmed the photo is from October 2019 and said farmers were now gathering to protest in much the same way as three years ago.

Reuters reported on October 16, 2019 that thousands of farmers drove their tractors to The Hague that day (here) to protest what farmers at the time called an effort to blame them for pollution in the nitrogen after a court ruling found the Netherlands to be in breach of EU law. issuance rules.

Similar scenes of blocked highways were recorded recently in the Netherlands amid protests by farmers (here). On July 4, farmers blocked supermarket distribution centers in several cities (here)

Reuters addressed other cases of incorrectly captioned images in relation to protests by farmers in the Netherlands (here) (here).


Wrong caption. This photograph was not taken during the July 2022 farmer protests in the Netherlands. This dates back to protests in the country in October 2019.

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