Face Time: Farmington’s Matt Billian captures moments in time

Farmington’s Matt Billian uses a drone in some of his photographic work. A recent aerial image of downtown Farmington was featured in Down East magazine. Bob Bailie photo

FARMINGTON — Matt Billian worked in a variety of professional fields, including as a 911 dispatch supervisor, before deciding to start his own business, Billian Moments Photography.

Billian, who is in his thirties and has two children with his wife, Yvonne, has always had an interest in photography and art.

“I was ready to break out of the corporate working style to start my own business,” Billian, of Farmington, wrote in an email.

His photography started as a hobby and grew into a passion.

How did you come to photography? Being an outdoor enthusiast, I have always had an interest in nature and landscapes. Seeing the world through a lens, whether on the ground or in the air, has become so fulfilling. . . . I learned photography on my own through mentors and YouTube University and lots of trial and error. I continue to develop my craft daily.

What interested you in using a drone to capture landscapes? Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in aviation. I was flying Cessnas before I got my driver’s license. I coupled this interest with photography and videography after buying several drones. I got my commercial drone license from the Federal Aviation Administration after lots of studying and testing.

Do you have a specific camera or drone that you use? I use Nikon bodies for my DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and my drones are DJI Mavics with a Hasselblad camera system. But it’s the lighting and the creativity, not the equipment (that counts).

Did you have to take lessons or are you good at knowing what makes a good landscape or a good photo? I had a lot of “bad” photos to get good photos, or sometimes great photos. Sometimes everything lines up, but it really comes down to light, creativity and composition. Equipment does NOT MATTER.

Is there a particular photo that you are proud of or are there several? I would say there are a few photos I’m particularly proud of: my capture of comet NEOWISE with my kids and my brother’s, featured on WGME, would be #1. Second, I would say the most recent notoriety of the Farmington antenna published in Down East magazine. Then I would say that recent creative portraits and local business portraits are another favorite of mine.

What is your goal in this job? My goal is to continue to grow a local business and continue to learn more about my craft. And maybe one day have a studio downtown!

Matt Billian recently published one of his aerial images of downtown Farmington in Down East magazine. Photo by Matt Billian

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