Exploring some underrated lighthouses in India

Amidst all the intriguing historical sites, magnificent architecture, alluring hill stations and serene beaches, lighthouse tourism has taken a back seat. Yes, that’s one thing! Unknown and unexplored, lighthouse tourism gives you a phenomenal experience with stunning aerial views of the beach and ocean from a high vantage point. Standing in the eye of the storm, lighthouses have always made every photographer happy. We have compiled a list of lighthouses in India that will surely offer breathtaking views from above:

Vizhinjam Lighthouse, Kerala

Nothing can beat the picturesque quality of Vizhinjam Lighthouse, which stands proudly on the beach of Kovalam Lighthouse in Kerala. The photo-perfect Vizhinjam Lighthouse is located atop a rocky terrain, 16 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. While the serene view soothes your eyes during the day, the nights here are equally stunning.

Tangasseri Lighthouse, Kerala

Built by the British, Tangasseri Lighthouse is the tallest in Kerala and is located on the Tangasseri beach of Kollam. It is a must visit place in Kerala. It is painted in white and red, which makes it very interesting and attractive from afar.

Dwarka Lighthouse, Gujarat

Built in the early 19th century, Dwarka Lighthouse is located at the mouth of Rupen Creek in Dwarka. What sets it apart from other lighthouses in the country is its cubic structure and the black and white color combination. Standing by the clear blue water, the lighthouse makes a mesmerizing picture by day and an intriguing one by night.

Fort Aguada Lighthouse, Goa

One of the most famous Portuguese structures in the country, Fort Aguada Lighthouse is one of the most famous places in Goa and is also well preserved. It is located at Sinquerim Beach and has been in several Bollywood movies. The lighthouse is in the upper part of the building, which is not accessible to everyone, but don’t be discouraged. The fort itself is a masterpiece.

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