Eric Bouvet: 40 years of photography


On May 21, 1981, I entered the Elysée… for my first moment of history! The entry into office of François Mitterrand then elected President of the Republic.

On May 21, 2021, I went out for a drink on the terrace of a café after a year of working in the health perimeters of a pandemic that was also historic.

40 years of a career that gave me to see, to experience the world. Its miseries, its heartbreaks, its wars. Great moments of hope too. Through my photographs, I constantly wanted to bear witness, to bring “proofs” through images, to work for History, to act in memory.

Forty years traveling the world with a single leitmotif that of testifying, of questioning myself on the very notion of showing, of trying to engage the reader, of making him stop, of questioning himself, of pushing him to react without be able to bring it to Reply. Just the facts. I always force myself to respect the dignity of the people photographed, because they are the ones who will remain in the history books and enter the museums. Then, to be confronted with the violence of the conflict, sometimes with the absurdity. Then man loses his reason and gives way to his most animal need: to survive.

Meet me at Visa pour l’image with an exhibition of 55 images. And don’t forget if you want a collector’s journal with full and double pages it’s here:

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