Drone melts, taking incredible aerial photo of volcanic eruption


There are around 130 volcanoes in Iceland. Most of them are inactive, but the country has recently experienced a rare volcanic eruption in the southwest area of ​​the Reykjanes Peninsula. On March 20, 2021, a volcano known as Geldingadalur began to erupt and it is still spewing red lava today. The active volcano is currently monitored, but it is not considered an immediate threat to the surrounding areas. Many people flock to the scene to enjoy the spectacular spectacle from a safe distance. However, the photographer Garðar Ólafs is a local who may have let his drone get a little too close.

Ólafs managed to fly his drone directly over the volcano and capture footage that looks directly into the flaming mouth of the fissure. The astonishing blow came at a cost, however; the extreme heat melted Ólafs’ drone! “I was flying my drone around the eruption and decided it would be cool to see it from above,” the photographer says. “I slowly lowered the drone until all I could see was erupting lava, and when I looked up I didn’t see the drone anymore. Basically, I was inside the crater of the volcano.

When he realized how close his drone was to lava, Ólafs quickly called him back to base. The drone is still working – thankfully – but the light and sensors have been damaged by heat. Despite this, Ólafs does not regret what happened. “In the end, I would say it was worth it.”

The Geldingadalir volcano is currently erupting near Ólafs’ hometown of Reykjanes, but he never expected to see an event like this. “We are experiencing something historic in Iceland these days, watching and listening to the new landform of Reykjanes is something I thought I would never experience in my life, literally in my backyard 15 minutes from home,” writes- it on Instagram. “Forever grateful and proud of my country.”

Check out Ólafs’ incredible drone photos and videos below and follow him on Instagram for more.

Photographer Garðar Ólafs risked melting his drone to capture these astonishing images of the erupting Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland.

Her images and videos reveal how beautiful the fiery scene is!

Garðar Ólafs: Instagram
h / t: [Twisted Sifter]

All images via Garðar Ólafs.

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