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epic universe is Universal Orlando’s next theme park, and it’s currently under construction near the Orange County Convention Center, about two miles south of the current resort. Company executives recently said they plan to open the park by summer 2025 at the latest.

In recent weeks, construction has accelerated on the new park, particularly in the area set aside for its Nintendo-themed land. This has led some to bring up the rumor that this area may open sooner than the rest of the park. Let’s discuss whether or not this is possible, and why some think it might happen, in today’s update.

Aerial photo of the future theme park with cranes above the Super Nintendo World area, Photo: Bioreconstruction

We got another glimpse of the new park from the sky thanks to the photographer, Bioreconstruct on Twitter. These new photos show incredible progress, even compared to what the site looked like just two weeks ago.

The most active area of ​​interest seems to be where we believe Super Nintendo World will be located in the Epic Universe. This area is expected to contain the Mario Kart ride and Yoshi’s Adventure ride, just like those currently open at Universal Studios Japan, as well as the Donkey Kong roller coaster attraction, which is also under construction in Japan right now.

Aerial photo of the recently built Super Nintendo World, Photo: Bioreconstruction

While foundation work is taking place around the site, new pipes are being installed under the future Mushroom Kingdom, according to permits. (And yes, I see the humor in that.)

New permit for underground pipelines at Super Nintendo World, Source:

The shapes of each of the three main attractions of the land become more apparent in the area, with foundation work at basement level and more construction taking place.

Authorized blueprints for Super Nintendo World in the Epic Universe

Plans for the Nintendo area of ​​the park were the first to be finalized, building on not only what was designed and built for Universal Studios Japan, but also earlier versions of the Orlando iteration, which have were drafted to be built at Universal Studios Florida before being moved to the new theme park instead.

Given that the plans for this area are the most advanced, it’s no surprise that the foundation pouring begins here when it comes to working on the theme park areas themselves. Past work has mostly focused on behind the scenes until recently.

Foundation work on the future carousel of the Donkey Kong attraction, Photo: Bioreconstruction

And that brings us to the rumors that Super Nintendo World might be ready before the rest of the park, and whether or not that might mean special glimpses of the land.

This rumor was first mentioned before the pandemic, having given annual pass holders, Universal Orlando on-site hotel guests or other special audiences the opportunity to preview the new area in the year before the official opening of the park.

Whether this is an opportunity offered to all on-site hotel guests, or just those staying at one of the new hotels being built near Epic Universe, has not been clarified in any of the rumors or speculations that circulated nearly two years ago.

Construction of a tower in Super Nintendo World where the Yoshi’s Adventure queue is located, Photo: Bioreconstruction

The Super Nintendo World area itself will be located on the southwest side of Epic Universe, near the park’s main entrance. This has led some to theorize that a path lined with working walls could lead special preview visitors to the Mushroom Kingdom without having to set foot in the rest of the park.

Given Epic Universe’s immersive Diagon Alley-like land design, one could be inside Super Nintendo World and have no view of the rest of the park. This could lend itself well to opening up any area of ​​the park without having to wait for the whole project to be completed.

Ride track for Yoshi’s Adventure, staged near the site, Photo: Bioreconstruction

In fact, the construction of the park’s central hub is expected to be completed last. This means that entire lots within the park can be built and ready for “play testing” before the theme park opens.

Whether or not that means team members or annual pass holders could explore the lands of Epic Universe before it’s even fully built remains to be seen.

Official concept art for Epic Universe, Image: Universal Orlando

Another theory as to why Super Nintendo World in particular might be the one to open first concerns Nintendo and Universal’s licensing deal. While details are still not public, some are wondering if Universal might be contractually obligated to open Nintendo attractions in Orlando on a specific date?

Universal Studios Japan has said that when their Donkey Kong expansion opens in 2024, it will be the world’s first, so even if we were to get a glimpse of Super Nintendo World in the year before Epic Universe’s grand opening, maybe that this section would be sealed until later.

Official announcement art for the Donkey Kong expansion, Image: Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Hollywood is set to open its version of Super Nintendo World by next year, so Epic Universe won’t be the first Nintendo attraction to open in the country. The Orlando version will, however, contain more attractions. Hollywood should only open with the Mario Kart ride, not Yoshi’s Adventure or Donkey Kong.

What do you think? Would you pay extra for a specific hotel package at Universal Orlando, or another special ticket, if it meant you could be among the first to explore the new land before it opened to the public?

Official Epic Universe logo. Image: Universal Orlando

Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed by Universal other than that Epic Universe will contain a Super Nintendo World land, and that the park is expected to open by summer 2025 at the latest.

As always, a big thank you to Bioreconstruct for sharing the incredible aerial photos giving insight into recent construction progress. If you are not already, you should follow Bioreconstruct on Twitter for more photos around Orlando’s theme parks.

Full view of Epic Universe, park on left, parking lot on right, existing resort at spire two miles north, Photo: Bioreconstruction

Check out our latest construction update for more information on the layout of the Super Nintendo World lot. And check out our Everything We Know story, or our How Big is Epic Universe story (or watch the video below) for more details on the upcoming Epic Universe theme park in Orlando.

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