Chad Kroeger said Nickelback’s “photograph” was based on a photo of this rock musician

“Photograph” remains one of Nickelback’s most famous classic rock songs. During an interview, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger revealed that the song was based on a photo of a rock musician. He also said the song was a reflection on his childhood.

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Chad Kroeger revealed why he wrote the Nickelback ‘photograph’

In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Kroeger discussed the origin of “Photography“. “It’s just nostalgia, growing up in a small town, and you can’t go back to your childhood,” Kroeger said.

“Saying goodbye to friends that you walked away from, where you grew up, where you went to school, who you hung out with and the stupid stuff you did as a kid, first love – all of those things Everyone has a memory or two that they love, so this song is really just the bridge to it all. Kroeger felt that the song’s universal theme helped it become a success.

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Chad Kroeger said this rock musician helped inspire Nickelback’s ‘photography’

Kroeger said the photograph mentioned in “Photograph” depicts Joey Moi, a rock songwriter who has worked on songs by Nickelback, My Darkest Days, Theory of a Deadman and others. “I just didn’t know where I was going with that, just spitting stuff out,” Kroeger recalls. “The next thing I know is there was a line, ‘What’s in Joey’s head?’ “”

Kroeger discussed what exactly was on Joey’s head in the photo. “Looks like he literally has the Stanley Cup on his head, and it was just a big, well-polished champagne cooler, and we were just fucked up on a New Years Eve, out of our minds, and somebody else. ‘one took this photo. ” he said. Kroeger revealed that the photograph in the “Photograph” clip is an edited version of the photo of Me with a champagne cooler on her head.

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The way the world reacted to the song

“Photography” has become a huge success. The song peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, remaining on the charts for 33 weeks. Besides “How You Remind Me”, “Photograph” is Nickelback’s most popular song.

Parent album of “Photography”, All the right reasons, also became a success. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and lasted 206 weeks in the charts. All the right reasons became Nickelback’s debut album – and to date only – No. 1 in the United States. All the right reasons Also included hits like “Rockstar”, “If Everybody Careed”, “Far Away”, “Savin ‘Me” and “Animals”.

“Photography” has also become popular in the UK. According to The Official Charts Company, the song peaked at No. 18 in the UK and remained on the charts for 23 weeks. During this time, All the right reasons reached No.2 in the UK and lasted 61 weeks on the charts. The song has become the subject of many memes. “Photography” began with an unusual selection of headgear and became a classic of the 2000s.

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