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American independent media publisher Otherworld Cottage Industries has reconfigured its website, adding language translation to its catalogs for international visitors.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 4, 2022 / — Otherworld Cottage Industries is delighted to announce that we have reconfigured our storefront catalog at and is now equipped with language translation software, allowing our international visitors to explore our offerings in their native language, read ratings, reviews and interviews, and listen to Travis Edward Pike’s six CD music albums before visit our new online fulfillment center at

Visitors watching the “Demo Derby” theatrical trailer will hear Travis Pike’s first title song for the 28-minute crash-action featurette that debuted in 1964 with Frank Sinatra in “Robin and the Seven Hoods,” Elvis Presley in “Viva Las Vegas”, played on over 6,000 screens across the United States with the Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” and continued to be booked in theaters and drive-ins for TEN MORE YEARS. The film’s narration is in English, but the on-screen crash ’em, bash ’em action requires no translation. As a Boston Globe reviewer reported, “If the ancient Romans could have photographed audiences to bait the gladiators, they might have found the same faces you see in ‘Demo Derby.’ “

Travis Pike’s only starring role in a theatrical film was in the 1966 film “Feelin’ Good” for which he wrote ten songs and sang eight on screen. In 2016, two previously unreleased songs, salvaged from the optical soundtrack of this film, “Watch Out Woman” and “The Way That I Need You”, released 50 years later by State Records in the UK, reached #3 in “Shindig!” magazine’s “Best of 2017” issue.

In the sixties, Travis continued to write songs, singing them in cafes while assembling the band that evolved into Travis Pike’s Tea Party. Their only single, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl”, was released in the United States in 1968 by Alma Records. Although it was never charted at the time, since 1994 it has been featured on five compilation albums (including “Travis Edward Pike’s Tea Party Snack Platter”, recorded with his brother Adam and released by Otherworld Cottage Industries in 2015). Today, 39 seconds of this original recording of Travis Pike’s Tea Party can be heard on the soundtrack to the 2020 BBC docudrama ‘Delia Derbeyshire: The Myth and Legendary Tapes’.

In 1977, Pike’s musical “Changeling” was picked up by Cine-Media International. Although Travis has worked on a number of different films in different capacities, this original “Changeling” never received funding. Pike is celebrated today for writing, producing and performing the world premiere of his epic narrative rhyme ‘Grumpuss’ at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England, for the Save the Children Fund. “Grumpuss” won an INTERCOM silver plaque at the 1999 Chicago Film Festival, and the October 1999 School Library Journal reviewer wrote, “This original narrative poem written and narrated by American storyteller Travis Edward Pike is a wonderful story laced with thought-provoking themes. Pike’s superb skill as a storyteller elevates the tale to a rare level. The rich language and variations of Pike’s voice paint vivid pictures in the mind of the storyteller. “listener… Background music (composed by Pike) and sound effects add humor, emotion and drama. An exceptional choice for school and public library collections.”

Almost 20 years later, “Grumpuss” won an award for Otherworld Cottage Industries when we received a 2018 “LUXLife” World Entertainment Award for Best Audio Storyteller, and finally in 2021, a quarter of a century after this incredible event , Otherworld Cottage Industries has honored Travis Edward Pike, his production and performance, with a truly splendid Otherworldly “Grumpuss” commemorative trophy.

If you’ve learned English as a second language and want to improve your English vocabulary and comprehension, Pike’s award-winning epic nursery rhyme could be both entertaining and rewarding. View clips of the live performance or listen to audio clips from “Grumpuss 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition” before purchasing. Generally, we recommend the audio version to people with excellent language skills, as the theater of the mind presentations more fully engage the imagination, but for others, Pike’s gestures and expressions during his performance in live, can help them better understand the intricacies of spoken speech. Visit Travis Edward Pike’s Grumpuss for more on “Grumpuss.”

Pike’s most recent musical release is his November 2019 album, Otherworld Cottage Industries, the critically acclaimed 53-minute album of “Changeling’s Return, a novel musical concept”, originally intended to be on the soundtrack of the film for a fantasy musical adventure he began writing in 1975, now published to provide the music quoted in his eLit bronze-winning book, “Changeling’s Return, a New Approach to Music”. Music is a universal language, and his timely book, although printed in English, contains a translatable synopsis, reviews, interview, and a fascinating Changeling Legacy section that explores magic, mystery, mysticism, and music https: // /TEP_MSTN_MENU.html of this parcel of metaphysical real estate from which the changeling returns. As always, the sample pdf pages are in English. If they prove too difficult to understand, we keep our fingers crossed and hope they make it into a movie and find their way to a theater near you.

About Travis Edward Pike: Visit his personal website at for insight into the award-winning storyteller, poet, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, author and editor.

About Otherworld Cottage Industries: Since its inception in 2013, Otherworld has been publishing and marketing the original songs, books and DVD productions of Travis Edward Pike, as well as designing and/or publishing music and pop culture books for entities related to the entertainment industry, drawing on Hollywood’s extraordinary pool of underemployed talent to ensure that its clients receive quality services. Part of Otherworld’s main goal is to bring the works of other highly skilled artists to new international audiences.

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