Cassio Vasconcellos by Carole Schmitz

Between dream and fantasy

Born in São Paulo, VSAssio Vasconcellos began his career in the 1980s. After starting out as a photojournalist, and in parallel with his reports and advertising missions, this aerial photography enthusiast is gradually orienting his work towards a more artistic approach. If he is inspired by reality, his personal work gives birth to often breathtaking images that tell imaginary and fictional stories giving free rein to everyone’s interpretation but also questioning the viewer’s perception of reality.

His work also sheds light on the excessive consumerism of today’s society, the abundance of waste that floods our ultra-modern world, the often useless objects that have become emblematic of our culture. But he also explores the infinite beauty of nature. His images of the wild Brazilian jungle, illustrating the fragility and diversity of tropical ecosystems, are simply sublime. The lights and details reinforce the bewitching character that emerges from these atmospheres and give his images a relevant power. And above all, they force us to think seriously about the future of our too industrialized and increasingly dehumanized society.


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Your first photographic click?

Cassio Vasconcellos : My first photo was when I was 7 years old, on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, when I bought a Kodak Instamatic X177 camera.

The man of images who inspires you?

Cassio Vasconcellos : I did not understand this question!

The image you would have liked to have made?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Satirical dancer, by André Kertész.

The one that moved you the most?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Dovima with elephants, Richard Avedon.

And the one who made you angry?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Any photo I see of the current president of Brazil, whose name I prefer not to mention.

A key image in your personal pantheon?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Hyères, 1932, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

The quality necessary to be a good photographer?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Curiousity.

The secret to the perfect image, if there is one?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Follow intuition.

The person you dream of photographing?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Billie Holiday.

An essential photo book?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Amazonia, by Claudia Andujar and George Love.

The camera of your beginnings?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Kodak Instamatic X177 and Pentax SP 1000.

The one you use today?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Canon.

Your favorite drug?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Music and wine.

The best way to disconnect?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Fly.

Your greatest quality?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Determined.

An image to illustrate a new banknote?

Cassio Vasconcellos : A tree

The job that you would not have liked to do ?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Bureaucratic work.

Your biggest extravaganza as a photographer?

Cassio Vasconcellos : My current work, an image that I have been building for over a year, measuring 3 x 12 meters. Or more…

What values ​​do you want to share through your images?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Importance of trees and forests.

The city, country or culture you dream of discovering?

Cassio Vasconcellos : China.

The place we never tire of?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Mountains.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Snapchat?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Instagram.

Color or B&W?

Cassio Vasconcellos : The two.

Daylight or artificial light?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Day light.

The most photogenic city according to you?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Rio de Janeiro from above.

If God existed, would you ask him to pose for you, or would you go for a selfie with him?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Strike a pose.

What is missing in the world today?

Cassio Vasconcellos : More respect for others and the environment.

What if everything had to be redone?

Cassio Vasconcellos : Thinking of planet Earth, that wouldn’t change anything, it’s already extraordinarily Beautiful.

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