Capture by YesVideo helps bring your legacy life timeline to the cloud with Google Photos

“Delivering high-quality, ready-to-publish scanned content via the cloud with Google Photos makes everyone’s photo timeline accessible at the touch of a button,” said Lisa McCabe, CEO of Capture.

Capture by Yes Video (Capture), the leading photo and video scanning service, announces a new way for customers to easily move older media content into their Google Photos library. This will allow people to have a more complete timeline of memories in Google Photos, as well as making it easier to view and share media with friends and family from any device at any time. Affiliations with multiple retailers allow for convenient drop-off at trusted locations, or customers can ship direct via UPS.

“Capture is at the forefront of technology and holds over 16 patents that cover everything from processing, editing and scene detection to digitizing and compositing,” said Lisa McCabe, CEO of Capture. “Delivering high-quality, ready-to-publish scanned content via the cloud with Google Photos makes everyone’s photo timeline accessible at the touch of a button.”

For more than 20 years, 12 million families have trusted Capture to unlock their memories to rediscover and share. Every step of the process is tracked and labeled, ensuring the safety of each family’s memories. All orders are hand-processed in the USA, overseen by a management team with an average of 12 years in service.

Old media deteriorate over time, losing clarity and color. Physical media are easily lost and forgotten in closets, and are often lamented after natural disasters or fires. Content has no value if it is inaccessible. Capture and Google Photos will make it even easier to digitize this content and make it available to the customer, family and friends.

“We couldn’t share these priceless photos at our family gatherings without scanning them because we no longer have the projectors to share them with,” says Jill Strickland of North Carolina. “It makes the family photo night we host every two years a much easier and more enjoyable process, especially with virtual options for family members spread across the country.”

Capture is dedicated to:

  • Convenience: ordering is simple and straightforward
  • Safety: Safeguarding memories is their priority
  • Quality: Invest in processes because customer memories deserve the best
  • Affordability: Transferring and enjoying the memories shouldn’t cost a fortune
  • Reactive support: the team is always available to provide assistance

Capture offers two convenient options for digitizing old media:

  • Custom Orders: Pick and choose a la carte combinations of media to scan, including video, film, prints, slides and negatives.
  • Time Capsules: Simplified shipping kits are sent to the customer with pre-determined sizes (2 items, 10 items, and 20 items) so media can be added and returned for scanning.

It’s never too early to start thinking about vacations and moving older media to a Google Photos library with Capture. The fall cleanup is the perfect time to start a digitization project to create a comprehensive memory timeline, ready to be shared with family and friends during the most festive time of the year.

About Capture by YesVideo

Capture helps you digitize all older media formats so you can easily view and share them with friends and family forever, and from any device. Just send them to us and we’ll do the rest. Superior quality. Guaranteed results. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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