Captivating photo of volcanic fissure wins 2022 Drone Photo Awards

© Armand Sarlangue/Drone Photo Awards 2022

Aerial photography gives us a unique perspective even on the scenes we see every day. But when they capture powerful moments like volcanic eruptions and fissures, they make us gasp in awe.

The Drone Photo Awards competition has shared its 2022 winners, and the big winner shows off a volcanic fissure captured from above. It was filmed in Iceland and depicts a secondary fissure occurring a few hundred meters from the main crater of the Fagradalsfjall volcano during its eruptive phase in September 2021.

The winning image was titled big Bang and it was photographed by a French photographer Armand Sarlangue. The jury selected the winner from thousands of images submitted by 2,624 photographers from 116 countries. Like every year, there are also the best photos in different categories, including Urban, Wildlife, Sport, People, Nature, Abstract and Weddings.

All category winners, as well as the overall winner, will be featured in the “Above Us Only Sky” exhibit during the Siena Awards events at the “Accademia dei Fisiocritici” Natural History Museum. The Siena Awards Festival is scheduled in Siena from October 1 to November 20, 2022, with eight photographic exhibitions.

And now take a look at some of our personal favorites below and check out more gorgeous photos on the Siena Festival website.

© The Wild Strawberry/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Thien Nguyen Ngoc/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Gilad Topaz/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Kateryna Polishchuk/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Fernando O’farrill/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Fabian Balint/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Francisco Urena/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Julien Duval/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Shourjendra Datta/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Daniel Franc/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Ovi D.Pop/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Jingkun Yang/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Ningtai Yu/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Aleš Komovec/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Marcin Giba/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Armand Sarlangue/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Hristo Dimitrov/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Anindita Roy/Drone Photo Awards 2022

© Phil De Glanville/Drone Photo Awards 2022

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