Best Martin Shorts, Ranked

As one of Canada’s greatest talents, Martin Short has built quite a legacy of movies and other forms of entertainment over his long and still flourishing career. His latest release is the Disney Plus series, Only Murders in the Building, which features Short alongside Steve Martin and Selena Gomez.

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This comedy-mystery series is filled with laughs and shocks, and Martin Short’s chemistry and joy with the other characters is infectious. However, Only Murders in the Building isn’t just the best Martin Short has to offer, and its impressive library boasts of his talent.

9 Martian attacks!

An army of aliens travels from Mars to visit the President of the United States, under the guise of peace and prosperity. However, it is soon revealed that these sinister aliens are out to conquer and destroy. This campy movie from Danny Elfman features a great cast, with one member being Martin Short.

The film itself is an excellent parody of early 1950s sci-fi films, with every cast member seemingly in big joke of this fun parody. Martin Short plays the press secretary, Jerry Ross. Having an affinity for women, Jerry Ross accidentally brings down the White House when he gives the Martian Girl a private visit, an obvious ruse by alien invaders.

8 Captain Ron

When Martin Short’s character, Martin Harvey, inherits an old yacht, he decides to set sail to a Caribbean island with his wife, daughter, and son to hire a mysterious Captain Ron. This character, played wonderfully by Kurt Russell, helps the family set sail, and hilarity ensues.

It’s fun to see Kurt Russell enjoying himself like his usual stoic self, as he seems to be having a lot of fun as Captain Ron. Russell lets loose his comedy chops, while Martin Short plays the straight man. It’s a fun story, where his character works like a charm with Russell’s, and luckily this mysterious character doesn’t have to be a slasher villain.

seven inherent vice

Created as a neo-noir film from the American period, with mystery and crime at the center, Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Doc Sportello, is a private detective, an inept at that. Doc’s adoration of all things pot makes for an interesting story when he takes on a strange case of an old flame.

Playing Doctor Rudy Blatnoyd, DDS, Martin Short brings a laid-back madness to his performance. Rudy always looks tall and always the womanizer. His oversized purple suit is just as groovy as the movie itself. A standout scene is when the police arrest the characters and Rudy panics into a swearing rampage on the cocaine-filled paranoid trip.

6 pure luck

When the daughter of a wealthy businessman goes missing on a trip to Mexico, it’s up to veteran investigator Raymond Campanella to take on the challenge. When Raymond fails, he gets an accounting buddy, Proctor, played by Martin Short.

The movie itself is an absolute riot, and Martin Short has it all but pure luck in this comedy flick from the 90s. Martin Short plays the luckiest man on Earth, in a role that requires a lot of physicality and a hilarious charm as always, from Martin Short.

5 three fugitives

After 5 years in prison and a portfolio of over 14 bank robberies, Daniel Lucas goes to the bank to open a new account. It’s a fresh start for his character until Ned Perry rushes into the bank with an oversized coat, gun, and grenade. Perry takes Lucas hostage, in a complete misadventure of a professional, unwitting bank robber, and an incompetent, desperate one.

Nick Nolte and Martin Short have great chemistry in this comedic flick, which is filled with hilarious moments and a bundle of heart. The slapstick humor works well, as do the emotional moments involving Perry’s sick daughter.

4 father of the bride

As a remake of the original 1950 film of the same name, this 1991 romantic comedy finds George Banks struggling to let go of his eldest daughter as her wedding approaches. With Steve Martin in the lead, there are bound to be some good gags. Enter Martin Short, and it’s a comedy riot. Illogical twists aren’t necessary to have a good time here.

Martin Short’s character, Franck Eggelhoffer, is eccentric, loud and fun. The character comes out of left field and steals any scenes they are in. Short is terrific at devouring the landscape, while making the seriousness played by George Banks very uncomfortable.

3 three amigos

When three movie actors find themselves out of work, they venture into a Mexican village with the belief that they will reprise their famous roles as Three Amigos. However, the characters Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander find themselves in a whirlwind of trouble, as the village is attacked by bandits.

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Three comedy legends, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short, play each other beautifully in this film. Their incompetence as Hollywood cowboys creates a hilarious image as they attempt to save the village in their ridiculous ways.

2 Interior space

With a mix of science fiction, comedy and romance, Interior space delivers an exceptional viewing experience and is only enhanced by the performance of Martin Short. When Tuck Pendleton volunteers to be shrunk into the body of a lab rabbit, he is accidentally put into the body of a hypochondriac, Jack Putter. All the while, a gang of industrial spies is chasing them.

It’s a quirky comedy and one that works beautifully thanks to the 80s charm. Martin Short’s character, Jack Putter, is hilarious, especially when you discover a little man buried inside him. There is hilarity, action and friendship in this film.

1 Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause

With beloved Disney Santa Claus franchise slated for a return in a Disney Plus series, many are wondering if there will be room for another wild character in Jack Frost’s. Jack Frost was played by Martin Short in Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause and had become a somewhat iconic character in the bizarre franchise, which had many twists on iconic Holiday characters.

Martin Short is dropped as the eccentric Jack Front, whose agenda is to fulfill Mr. Claus’ wish to never become Santa Claus, thus leaving the role to Jack. There’s a wild ride to be had, with plenty of laughs thanks to Martin Short and Tim Allen’s chemistry.

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