Ben Milam Elementary student stars in Rally Caps

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) — Carson may seem like an average 11-year-old on the outside, but he has a lot more going on than most kids his age. Besides school, he balances his social life by playing video games with friends and even playing a number of sports.

However, the main thing on his plate was his involvement in acting which he stumbled upon. His father, Shane Minniear, says it all started after a local Wichita Falls photographer took pictures of Carson.

“My wife actually submitted these pictures to a modeling agency in Dallas and they really liked it and they ended up signing it and he booked a commercial with them and the director said ‘hey he’s taking it really well management, you should enroll him in acting classes,” Shane said.

After confirming it was something Carson was interested in, he started at Lousiville DTV studios, has an agent in Los Angeles, Louisiana and Atlanta. Shane says it’s something new for their whole family who have no experience in the film or theater industry, but knew it could have been aimed at Carson.

“He always had this rocket ship to make people laugh and be the one in front of people and do all these crazy things, so we kind of knew from a very young age that he really wanted to do that stuff or that he maybe would. be good at it,” Shane said.

His most recent film rally caps, is based on a book and real events. A special screening was presented tonight at the CEC and was hosted by his primary school Ben Milam.

Carson says he really enjoyed his time playing his character Jordi, but he admits playing someone anxious posed some challenges because he didn’t know him as well.

“Sometimes I couldn’t really connect with the character, but I had the person that it happened to on set with me so they could tell me all about it,” Carson said.

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