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Apart from his reports, one of the most original photo series of Babajanyan, Inlandish, focuses on gender and femininity. The title is a pun on the extravagant women in bold outfits she captured in Yerevan. “The women I photograph never consider themselves outside the norms of society,” the photographer explained. “Yet every time they walk the streets of Yerevan people stare at them in amazement. In an often conservative and male-controlled environment, these women go their separate ways by dressing differently or using brightly colored makeup.

Babajanyan’s impact on Armenian photography goes beyond what she captures on camera. In 2016, a year after the centenary of the Armenian genocide, the photographer co-founded the #BridgingStories project, which brought together dozens of young photographers from Turkey and Armenia to take photos of their own villages and communities, in an effort to promote peace between the two countries.

Three years earlier, she also co-founded the female photography collective 4Plus, to support the development of professional photographers in Armenia through courses, conferences and exhibitions. Since then, 4Plus has evolved into a visual media center focused on promoting documentary photography by photographers of all genres.


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