Apple shares the best photos ‘taken on iPhone’ for World Photography Day

Today, August 19, is World Photography Day and Apple has some photos to share with you.

The company asked photographers to use their iPhones to take photos of their favorite location. As usually happens, the results made us feel like we were doing something wrong when taking pictures with our phones, because they’re really awesome.

Some of the highlights include a stunning sunset shot of Cable Beach in Australia, taken by a Korean photographer Yong-Ho Kwon (above), and an extremely well-lit photo of Zion National Park in Utah, USA, taken by a San Francisco-based photographer and visual designer Dan Tom (below).

Photo of Dan Tom from Zion National Park, Utah, USA
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Also discover the misty mountains in the distance in Helen SulaThe stunning photo of Mammoth Lakes in California, USA, along with the red details in Daniel Triassifrom Montmartre to Paris, France (both below).

mammoth lakes

Photo by Helene Sula from Mammoth Lakes in California, USA
Credit: Hélène Sula/Apple

Montmartre, Paris

Photo by Daniel Triassi of Montmartre, Paris, France.
Credit: Daniel Triassi/Apple

Another strong point is Wendy AndradeSerene black and white photo taken on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (below).

Copacabana Brazil

Photo by Wendy Andrade of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Credit: Wendy Andrade/Apple

Finally, check out Rashed Al-Alajmi is a strange night shot of the Al Salmi desert in Kuwait (below).

Al Salmi, Kuwait

Photo by Rashed Al Alajmi from the Al Salmi Desert in Kuwait.
Credit: Rashed Al Alajmi/Apple

Photographers shared their work using hashtags #shotoniPhone and #WorldPhotographyDay on social media, so check them out for more great photos.

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